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Amanda Connection, The

newton Animal Shelter

#1 Currituck Road
newton, Connecticut 06470
Phone: 203-426-5488
The primary purpose of Amanda Connection is to find homes for our wonderful charges - most of whom were rescued from horrible situations. Amanda Connection also finds ways to educate the public to help solve stray cat situations, including feral colonies; to promote kindness and prevent cruelty toward animals by teaching responsible animal stewardship; and to promote the importance of human-feline bond.

The Amanda Connection was set up to serve those 'Last Chance Cats'. Sadly, these are the cats that were the least adoptable. They are the nitty, gritty, survivors that have impressed us with their indomitable spirits. We could not simply give up on these kitties! Now we have expanded to include dogs that are destined to die at kill shelters and cats/kittens who are homeless and friendly. Please check out all our animals. All we are asking is that you give them a CHANCE! We have many friendly cats and kittens that have been removed from unsafe environments or strays. The dogs only crime has been to be at the wrong place, a kill shelter usually for no other reason than their past owner was careless and didn't spay their female dog and they have too many puppies to deal with. Or worse still they let their dog roam and couldn't be bothered trying to find it.

Finding good homes for abandoned or feral pets is the primary purpose of the Amanda Connection. Since 1999 we have placed over 200 pets into loving homes! Pets that would otherwise still be roaming at large in our cities and environs, or pets that would have been put down.

Foster Care
People provide temporary homes for individual cats when the shelter is at maximum capacity, or when a cat needs to become familiarized with domesticity. We are always looking for foster families and will help with expenses. We currently have just 3 foster families in Connecticut. With more foster homes, we could accomplish a lot more.

We look for people who would like to provide financial support of an individual cat at one of our foster homes. In exchange, the sponsor receives a biography, photo, and periodic update from the sponsored cats. We encourage our sponsors to visit their cats and provide love and companionship.

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