Dog Parks

A dog park is an outdoor environment set aside for dogs and their owners to exercise and play off-leash in a controlled setting. Parks vary in offerings, but a typical dog park is fenced; has separate, double-gated entry and exit points; a pond for swimming; hydrants for watering dogs; and tools to pick up and dispose of your pets waste.

Off-leash dog areas provide a social setting in which people and dogs can gather and interact. Off-leash dog areas are places where dog owners and non-dog owners can watch the entertaining and interesting interaction of dogs at play. Scientific studies have shown that people somehow find it easier to talk to each other with dogs as the initial focus, breaking down the usual social barriers that make people in our society perceive others as "strangers."

Dogs that are highly socialized and exercised are healthier and happier. They make better neighbors because they bark and dig out of their enclosure less often. If they do escape, they are far less likely to be aggressive.

Please take this time to search our dog park directory by zip code or state to find a dog park near you. Visiting a local dog park will be an experience you and your dog will not soon forget.

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