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Our unique pet search allows you to browse our online database for your ideal pet. You will find our pet search on the left hand side of our website on every page you visit. This search feature allows you to view pets based on...

  • Type (Dog, Cat, Bird, Rabbit, Ferret, and Farm Animals)
  • Breed (Used for Dog breeds)
  • Size (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Gender (Male, Female)
  • Status (Adoption, Lost Pet, Found Pet)
  • State (Your location broad range)
  • Zip Code (Your location narrow range)

This search will allow you to view potential pets from the comfort of your home, or any location with internet access. When you click on a pet details such as the owner?s name, phone number, and e-mail address will be displayed along with any additional information available. This will allow you to contact the owner or shelter that is currently providing a home for the pet so that you can arrange a visit to ensure the dog or cat is right for you and your family.

Find your Perfect Pet to Adopt!

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