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kenosha Animal Shelter

1620 27Th st
kenosha, Wisconsin 53140
Phone: 262-515-127
i AM VERY INTERESTED IN OPENING A ANIMAL RESCUE SHELTER OF ALL KINDS AT THE DAIRYLAND DOG TRACK IT HAS BEEN CLOSED FOR QUITE A WHILE. IT SEEMS LIKE A WASTE OF SPACE! My KNOWLEDGE OF ANIMAILS FOM REPTIALS TO LARGE MAMALES INCLUDING FRESH AND SALT WATER FISH, Dogs, Cats, Wild and abused or unwanted animals of all kind could benefit only more to the society of this area more than what is offered. I would dedicate myself and family to make a difference in this area. I need funding and space. This would help this community above and beyond what it already has. This area needs a lot of help!! Please check info. and let me know!!! Please believe me, animals are neglected and abandoned many times a day. I am limited because I am in a rental house, I take in strays and if I cannot find homes for them I have to surrender them to the Humane Society whom are way over capacity. I appreciate any help or advise you may have!! Regards, Sharon Haley 262-515-1227cell [email protected]

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