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Teresa Mueller

eugene Animal Shelter

2059 friendly st
eugene, Oregon 97405
I am not writing to add a shelter to the database, but to complain about a rescue group operating in Oregon. I adopted a dog from the Northwest Animal Rescue Alliance of Salem this spring. It was soon apparent that the pup had parvo, and I spent thousands no typo keeping him alive. He is OK now, but during his illness, the two contact women for the group assured me that the group would refund my very high adoption fee to help cover the completely unexpected illness. Once he recovered, they stopped answering my e-mails and calls and would not even tell me how I could arrange the neutering that the fee was supposed to cover. I am distraught at my financial situation, and sad that animal welfare is being entrusted to a group such as this. Who is responsible for certifying rescue groups Where is the oversight Any state agencies I can contact How can I spare other families my plight I suspect that the people running this group do not really know what they are doing, and I know for a fact that they housed many other rescue pups with my Parvo-infected dog. Illness happens, and I understand that is a sad fact of pet ownership. BUT I do not accept people going back on their agreements, especially a rescue group charging for neutering and then not providing it.

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