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St. Bernard Parish Animal Control

chalmette Animal Shelter

115 Agriculture Road
chalmette, Louisiana 70043
Phone: 504-278-1535
Fax: 504-278-1536
Our primary goal is to make St. Bernard Parish a NO KILL COMMUNITY by forming a NO MORE HOMELESS PETS COALITION. To reach this goal, Friends of the Animal Shelter of St. Bernard will continue to develop projects that, along with exiting programs, will not only prevent pets from losing their homes in the first place, but will improve the housing conditions for those pets that will inevitably become homeless. Our success will depend on the residents of St. Bernard Parish and the willingness for volunteers to work toward making the following projects a reality. Spay and Neuter Assistance - for low income owners, feral and/or neighborhood cats, as well as the general public.

Our severely outgrown (and outdated) shelter must be replaced. Funding for the first phase of the new shelter has been allocated. Funding must be secured for additional adoption space, a surgery room and an education room.

Last Chance Fund - to provide funds to treat otherwise adoptable animals that are injured or sick. Eventually will include emergency assistance for low income owners who cannot afford emergency medical treatment.

Foster Care Network - trained volunteers willing to open their homes (and hearts) to otherwise adoptable pets that have minor temperament or health problems that can be resolved during a relatively short-term stay. Would also include housing dogs and cats that are either pregnant or have unweaned litters.

Dog Park - a safe and secure area for pet owners to enjoy their dogs off leash and to meet like-minded pet owners. The park eventually can be used for programs like obedience training, agility competitions and other dog contests.

Feral Cat Initiative - to implement a program to trap, treat if necessary, neuter or spay, release, then maintain (T/N/R) colonies of feral cats instead of trapping and killing them. Provide educational materials to the public on the benefits and long-term success of T/N/R.

Behavior and Training - acquire and maintain a library (video as well as books) addressing pet behavior and problems. Provide training of dogs in the shelter to increase chances for adoption and to prevent returns after adoption. Develop "puppy classes" to start new owners and their pets off right. Schedule regular sessions for owners' seeking help with particular behavior problems.

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