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Save Our Shelters

richmond Animal Shelter

2933 West Cary Street
richmond, Virginia 23221
Phone: 804-358-7499
SOS is a registered 501C(3) nonprofit, humane society that operates on donations of time, money, and in-kind gifts. Thanks so our large number of dedicated volunteers and low overhead, donations to SOS directly benefit animals.

Gained overwhelming approval in 2001 for a breeders' bill in Richmond to: reduce the number of homeless and stray animals; to track individuals breeding dogs for illegal purposes; and to regulate those who breed cats and dogs for resale including “backyard breeders.” This groundbreaking legislation is the first of its kind in Virginia and in February, 2003, Petersburg adopted the same breeders' ordinance.

Established "Pen Pals," a training and rehabilitation program with the Virginia Department of Corrections. Inmates socialize cats and learn dog training techniques making the animals more adoptable. SOS Pen Pals teaches the inmate handlers professional skills as well as responsible behavior.

SOS exists to ensure the humane treatment of publicly impounded animals. The organization was formed in September 1996 in response to reports of inhumane treatment and negligence at the Richmond Animal Shelter, the city shelter financed by tax dollars. Since that time, SOS has rescued thousands of unwanted animals.

SOS realizes that no matter how hard volunteers work only a fraction of homeless animals can be saved. To that end, SOS is spearheaded legislation to strengthen Virginia's animal welfare laws to ensure that all impounded animals are treated humanely - especially when their lives must be ended.

SOS believes that population control is a more humane alternative than euthanasia to the tragedy of unwanted animals. SOS supports the work of the PetFix Coalition and Prevent A Litter Clinic, which have reduced the euthanasia rate in Central Virginia through their low-cost spay/neuter programs.

State laws allow for immediate euthanasia of animals turned in to shelters by their owners. Animals wearing collars must be held 10 days before being euthanized and animals with no collars are held just 5 days before they can be killed. That doesn't leave much of a chance to find a good, caring home.

PLEASE, REMEMBER, IF YOU MUST RELINQUISH AN ANIMAL NEVER NEVER ADVERTISE "FREE TO A GOOD HOME." This is a prime source for animals to be used for research, fight training, and other inhumane purposes. If you have any information about dog fighting or cock fighting please contact your local animal protection/control agency.

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