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Safe Haven Cat Rescue

manahawkin Animal Shelter

P.O. Box #142
manahawkin, New Jersey 08050
Phone: 609-978-4330
Safe Haven Cat Rescue is run by two people..Candy Wambold and Lisa Antulonis. Safe Haven was founded by Lisa. I do the website as well. I am completely self taught so if it's not all flashy and spiffy it's because I do all the coding and graphics myself. I like to use our own personal animals and cats from the rescue in all of our graphics.

Anyone that has ever met Candy knows of her boundless energy and how compassionate she is. Safe Haven would not be what it is today without Candy. Candy and I started Safe Haven because we saw a huge need in this area. Candy and I each had several years of hands on experience with other rescues and shelters. We knew what we were getting into but we weren't sure what was going to happen. The response from them community is more than we ever imagined. The support and kindness is fantastic and at the same time the requests for help are staggering.

We knew there was a problem in this area but we had no idea just how big it was. Candy and I like to focus on the positive, happy aspect of helping the cats. There is so much sadness and cruelty in the world. We see enough of it all the time. Animals thrown away like they were garbage.

Candy and I both work regular jobs and have husbands. We do the cat rescue on top of all of that. We have some of the greatest volunteers. They are the backbone of Safe Haven. 2005 was a difficult year for us. Candy lost her mother in law early in the year and only a short time later I found out I had Thyroid Cancer. Thankfully we got though 2005 and boy are we glad that it's behind us. I had to take almost the entire year off due to Doctor Visits, surgery etc. It's taken me just about another year to start feeling normal again and get my energy back.

We believe in a cage free environment to the fullest extent possible. When the cats are up for adoption they have to be caged to keep them safe but they are let out to walk around and explore. We work with other shelter and rescues in our area. We have taken in many cats over the years from other rescues/shelters that were overburdened and asked us for help.

Although we are a cats only rescue we sometimes are able to assist with other animals. We have found homes for several dogs and bunnies besides the cats.

Candy and I love all animals, we just don't have the resources to care for other animals besides cats. Lisa was part of a Ferret Rescue for many years until they moved. She and her husband Will are also the proud parents of two rescued dogs, Nimbus and Little Brown(who we are madly in love with):

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