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Rockers Rescue

Greenwood Animal Shelter

P.O. Box 242
Greenwood, Louisiana 71033
Rockers Rescue. I use to volunteer at our local animal shelter and one day decided.... I could do that. I knew it would be a LOT of work to run a rescue but my plan was to take it step by step and life by life. We began growing. When you start slow and do things right you accomplish more in the end. We go to our local animal shelters that are over flowing. The kill rates are high at Shreveport's shelter. We are trying to help make a change. I even volunteer there myself. We take in dogs that would be euthanized for space. We've done ones needing eyes removed, ran over, mange, heartworms (very common in this state), elderly, skinny. You name it. We look for the one that matches our fosters needs and we find the right fit. If we have the donations lined up...we take them immediately to our vet for the works. We do not cut corners...we don't wait. We make sure we have the donations on hand so these babies get ALL the care they need ASAP. We also do cats and kittens. We usually take in the very young or sick mothers. I find what my fosters can handle and we work together. We get the animals recuperated and then place them up for adoption looking for a home to love them as we do. ---- I do this because I love it. I use to have bad anxiety and volunteering at the shelter helped calm me. I found I could function and go places again! This is what God intended me to do. We help the helpless. We turn lives around. It is such a blessing.

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