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Person County Animal Control

roxboro Animal Shelter

2103 Chub Lake Road
roxboro, North Carolina 27574
Phone: 336-597-1741
Fax: 336-599-1609
The Department of Animal Control operates under North Carolina State Laws and the Local Government Ordinance. We investigate dog bites, quarantine animals if required or have them sent to the state laboratory for testing. We control rabies by giving out rabies verification cards and verifying rabies inoculations, and by controlling the stray animal population. Our department also investigates animal cruelty cases and pursues them in court if necessary. Officers handle sick and distressed animals. Our department controls animal overpopulation and strays are picked up and taken to our shelter. They are provided with food, water and warm shelter. Most of the animals in our shelter have never had food on a daily basis, nor the love and attention, they deserve. Our department has a high rate of adoptions and we also reunite lost pets with their owners. NEUTER/SPAY IS THE ONLY WAY!!!!

Our department has had many achievements in the past couple of years. One being the higher rate of adoptions and reclaims at the shelter. An emergency operations plan has also been constructed by our department for the county. This program is called CARTS and we have also been actively involved in the statewide natural disaster program called SARTS. At this time we are working on mandatory spaying and neutering in order to reduce the number of unwanted pets in our county. We also provide the best customer service possible.

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