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McMuttigan's Rescue Inc.

Powderly Animal Shelter

PO Box 217
Powderly, Kentucky 42367
I am a Certified Dog Trainer through ABC and a behaviorist. I have been training dogs as a volunteer in a prison program for over 2 yrs now. I also pull and help dogs in need. I don't let any dog leave my premises without all vetting, hw testing and spay/neuter. I also work with my dogs before adopting them out so I know that they will make great family pets. I choose the right dog for the right house, I don't allow people to choose the dog they think is right if I know the dog will have issues. I got into dog training in AL to help my local Humane Society evaluate dogs that had been for adoption for long periods of time, seeing a need for training, that became my mission. Training unadopted dogs and making them wonderful pets. I do it for the love not the money, I am an unpaid volunteer dog trainer for our local prison program.

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