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Lancaster Humane Society

lancaster Animal Shelter

62 Martin Meadow Pond Road
lancaster, New Hampshire 03584
Phone: 603-788-4500
The Lancaster Humane Society is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, organized and incorporated in June of 1984. In 1994 we built and later opened door of our new shelter.

We are a private shelter, privately funded. The Lancaster Humane Society is not associated with any other humane societies or shelters. Even though we do not have a large animal shelter, we serve Coos and Grafton counties and take some really needy animals from Vermont and other places. It is truly heroic task to do our job, because we operate in rural areas, where communities are spread far apart with many people living in the country. It is also harder to receive donations in economically depressed area.

Lancaster Humane Society strives to live up to our motto "We are small, But we care BIG! ". LHS operates its facility as a no-kill animal shelter, believing that even life of companion animals is special and should no be just thrown away. There are always other options. Exception to no-kill policy must be made when the animal is suffering from terminal illness or is viscous beyond rehabilitation.

At the present time LHS has to take in animals on space available basis. The priority is animals that were mistreated, neglected, and homeless. (These animals need us the most.) Second, we take stray dogs from surrendering towns per agreement. Third, re: private surrenders; at first we always offer to people, who wish to surrender their pets some other options, depending on each situation. Giving up your pet should always be the last option when all other has definitely failed.

Some of these options are: Spay/Neuter Pets/Solving behavioral problems these pets might have/by advise, referrals, training etc. (number one reason why pets are turned into shelters is that people have “ no time” for them etc.) even with your busy schedule there is a way to keep your pet happy, busy etc. give help with proper nutrition, de-worming etc, as lot of problems stem from allergies, improper nutrition, intestinal parasites… Offer any other solutions to various problems. Do referrals, posting of animals on our web site and do reference check of potential adopters (if no space in our shelter)

Put people on the space available list, if they really need to give up their pet and then we notify them when there is space to take the pet in. People usually do not mind to wait. They want their pets to end up in no-kill animal shelter and to be well cared for. We do not charge for any of these services with the exception of bringing the animal in, so animals do not have to end up abandoned or killed Fees can be waived for bringing animals in, depending on various circumstances. People can volunteer instead several hours and learn proper animal care/training in process, etc.

As most of other shelters, we do not have space or financial means to take in feral cats at the present time. We are working on one solution though, to trap, test for leukemia, vaccinate, and spay, neuter, then release the healthy cats, as most of them are truly wild, not pets.

When animal arrives at our shelter, they are treated with great respect, kindness and love. Each animal is evaluated for medical or behavioral problems. After that they are cleaned up, medically treated when needed (no matter what it takes), de-wormed, flea-rid, loved and loved some more. We feed the highest quality foods (we learnt that good nutrition helps with many of the problems some pets might have) plus they deserve it after what many of them been through. We incorporated medical and holistic healing and care at our facility.

When pets are clean, safe, etc. they are exercised in our fenced in yard on regular basis. They are also trained, etc. Pets with serious behavioral problems (many of those have been mistreated in one way or another) are worked with extensively. All animals are re-evaluated all the time. When they are ready for adoption we advertise them on our web site and in all area newspapers. Adoptions go through only when good, proper and approved home are found.

We investigate and handle complains of abuse and neglect to animals. We help to locate missing pets. (we will post on our web site) We educate in many different ways, some through media, but mostly one-on-one as we found out that it works the best! We show people who are willing to learn the proper ways to care for their pets. We work with young people, children including special needs, to bring them together with Men’s Best Friends, instilling in them kindness and respect for life.

Lancaster Humane Society serves all of the communities in and around the North Country, especially (but not to the exclusion of others) Grafton and Coos Counties in New Hampshire. LHS has served these counties of the North Country for over twenty years, believing that no life should be thrown away and that there are always other options.

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