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Jonah's Ark Animal Rescue

Whiting Animal Shelter

2020 Paterson Ave
Whiting, New Jersey 08759
Phone: 732-232-5954
We started Jonahâ??s Ark Animal Rescue with two main goals, the first was for our son Jonah, who was born with a rare genetic disorder and has an IQ of about 50, along with multiple medical issues. He is now 18, and ever since he was little the connection he has with animals is amazing and the connection they have with him amazes us! So thru his love of animals and his compassionate heart we knew what we had to do for him. He wonâ??t ever be able to work, and needs 24 hour care, most doctors had such bleak outcomes for him, but we knew better...there is a purpose and the connection was so clear. So many special needs children and adults are given up on, just like so many animals are just thrown to the side and given up on, and the more we worked with animals with Jonah and saw the growth in him, and the spirit inside him come alive and watch an animal understand him and respond we knew what we needed to do. Which brings us to the second goal..rescue animals in need, that have been told there is nothing left for you, we canâ??t help you, accept your fate..well for these animals that is a death sentence. If we can rescue them and provide hope for a future and in return give hope to young adults like Jonah at the same time then we all win. We have watched first hand the miracle that happens between these animals and special needs people, they connect on a level that we canâ??t, its our goal to provide a way for this to happen in both their lives. And so the journey begins..healing, hope and most of all love.

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