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Hand Me Down Dobes, Inc.

columbus Animal Shelter

P.O. Box 12325
columbus, Ohio 43212
Phone: 614-470-2851
Hand Me Down Dobes, Inc. is a network of volunteers committed to saving homeless Dobermans in Central Ohio and then matching those homeless dogs with approved homes. We also work to educate the public about Dobermans and responsible, humane pet care, which includes spaying and neutering, training, and how to choose a pet to fit your particular lifestyle.

Death, divorce, relocation, abandonment and landlord problems comprise some of the most common reasons that these wonderful animals come into our care. Some owners surrender their young dogs when their cute little puppy becomes a 65 pound adolescent dog in need of exercise and training. Less frequent are the Dobermans who come to us from abusive and neglectful environments or from disreputable breeders who were out to make a quick profit by selling puppies without regards to the buyer’s level of commitment to provide a permanent home.

We are able to provide happy endings to these and other sad stories by providing needed reconditioning, training and placement of these dogs in loving, responsible homes. You may become one of our success stories by adopting or fostering one of our Darling Dobermans.

We have placed several hundred Dobermans into good, safe and loving homes since 1994. At any given time, we have 10-20 Dobermans in our care awaiting the embrace of their new owners. Maybe one is waiting for you.

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