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Greyhound Pets of America - Minnesota

minneapolis Animal Shelter

P.O. Box 49183
minneapolis, Minnesota 55449
Phone: 763-785-4000
Retired racing greyhounds make wonderful pets. Surprised? Have you ever gone to the dog track and seen only a long, lean, running machine in a racing jacket and muzzle? Perhaps you assumed that they must wear that muzzle to sheathe those teeth! And all that energy! Racing greyhounds must need to run all day, every day just to calm down even a little! Actually racing greyhounds wear muzzles as a state requirement and have all that energy because they are about to do what they were bred for-a quick sprint around the race track. Unlike most sporting dogs, who were bred to be able to run all day, greyhounds are capable of expending enormous amounts of energy in a few minutes; but after the race, it's back to the business of kennel life: a drink of water, a turn in the exercise pen, and a three-day rest in the kennel before running again.

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