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DogGone Shelter Intervention

Latta Animal Shelter

Latta, South Carolina 29565
Phone: 864-382-7224
Website: http://
Our Story... Our journey all started when we took a short visit to the local shelter in Marion, SC. It had recently stormed and caused flooding which made the shelter look more like a mud pit than a safe haven for homeless animals. While there we saw broken spirits and despair in the eyes of the animals. With the severe overcrowding, many dogs were in crates that were stacked on other crates. It was, at this time, we knew we need to help in any way we possible so we started fostering for the local shelter. Our first foster was Raphael. He had sat at the shelter in those cold nights in the winter and extreme heat in the summer for over a year. He watched kennelmate after kennelmate leave on their freedom rides and find loving families while he was being looked over. He was an elderly senior shepard that had bad hips and needed a place to sleep while he healed from surgery. Finally, a rescue had stepped up and decided to save his life and we opened our home and hearts to Raphael. We took him to the vet and we gave him his medicine and we gave him a nickname. He had become our RaRa. He slept at our feet and he loved to lay in the sunshine. Soon the vet gave us the news that he was too sick to get his hips fixed and was becoming too sick to continue fighting. No matter how much we loved him, his stay at the shelter had taken his toll on him. After we held RaRa in our arms for the last time and watched as he faded away, we knew in our hearts that we had to help animals like him get out of the shelter and into their second chances. It was all to often that pets would be brought in and watch as their owners left them there to become depressed and slowly fade. RaRa was our sign that we were meant to be the voice of those animals lost or abandoned. Ever since we had to let our first foster go, we have been dedicated to those animals. RaRa may have crossed the Rainbow Bridge but he left his paw prints on our hearts that made us into the rescuers we are today and we are grateful to have had him in our lives!

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