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Companion Pet Rescue & Transport of W. Tn., Inc.

Jackson Animal Shelter

16 Starwood Cove
Jackson, Tennessee 38305
CPR was formed by Director Molli Bowen in 2004 to assist the unwanted and homeless dogs and puppies in West Tennessee. In the process of helping them, CPRâ??s volunteers strive to help thefamilies that find themselves with custody of the unwanted and homeless. Since our beginning, we have rehomed over 7,500 dogs and puppies. This feat has been accomplished thru a vast network of affiliated shelters and rescues plus private adoptions. CPRâ??s volunteers are fantastic!! We are a group of hard-working and very dedicated individuals in Tennessee and New England that help support this effort by running vet errands and any other job that needs to be done to help get these pups on their way to being ready for their new homes. We are the Pit Crewâ?¦ and weâ??d love for you to join our efforts! In 2008, CPR bought a farm to house as many dogs and pups as we can safely and healthily maintain. We arenâ??t a sanctuary. While we do have a few permanent residents, our goal is to rehome as quickly as possible. Our rehoming focus is strictly on areas outside of West Tennessee. There are very few enforced laws in our area and there is no licensing to encourage spay/neuter. We focus on adopting our great pets into areas that DO have enforced companion pet regulations and licensing and education that encourage spay/neuter. Thus, 95% of our adoptions are into the New England area. People often ask us where do all these puppies come from? Are there really that many unwanted puppies in West Tennessee and the answer is sadly enough a resounding â??YES!â? The main source of our puppies comes from the public. We are contacted constantly by families who have failed to spay their female dog and VOILA!!â?¦.she has puppies!! We never place the puppies without spaying the mother dog. If the mother dog is a stray or the family no longer wants her, if sheâ??s adoptable, we pay for all of her medical expenses necessary to get her ready for adoption. In addition to spaying the mother dogs, we have a very strong community outreach spay/neuter program to assist with altering pets we are contacted about that are in need. Companion Pet Rescueâ??s name we chose very deliberately â?? we focus our efforts on friendly, social, loving companion pets. With so many to help, we rarely assist in placing dogs with special needs or aggression â?? when we do, they are posted with lots of disclaimers and information about their issues. We simply are not equipped to regularly rescue â??special needs/aggressiveâ? dogs, as our dogs are at the farm where they are heavily socialized with other dogs (a doggy daycare environment), or in foster homes, almost all of which have children and other pets. The benefit of course, is that when the pup is adopted we have a great feel for his or her personality and that pup has been well-socialized. CPR also works with a number of kill shelters who have contacted us directly for help and who maintain certain safety and sanitation guidelines. Sadly, we always have more dogs in need than foster homes to help, but we focus on the positive and what we CAN accomplish!!!! And that has helped save thousands of dogs and puppies in need! Thank you for being a fan of CPR and please help us spread the word about our rescue and rehoming program PLUS our need for funding for community outreach spay/neuter!

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