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Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue, LLC

colorado springs Animal Shelter

53 Monk Street
colorado springs, Colorado 80911
Phone: 719-291-3536
At Chihuahua & Small dog rescue, we are commited to finding the best possible home for all the chihuahuas and small dogs we have in our care. All of our little furry friends are placed in foster homes and are not housed in a shelter situation. They are cared for in a healty, safe and loving foster home.

When we receive a little one in, he/she will receive all medical care that maybe needed. All of our little ones are spay/neutered, fully vaccinated, heartworm tested, fecal tested and have all their veterinary needs taken care of prior to adoption. We will also provide treatment for heartworms, luxating patellas, dental work, parvo, etc. We are a no kill organization and will do whatever we can to restore health and quality of life for each and every little one that we rescue. To help control the growing overpopulation we spay and neuter all of our dogs in our care. We will also educate the public about the abuse and neglect of small dogs.

Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue, LLC is an all volunteer organization, which no one is paid for their wonderful dedication to the homeless, abused and negelcted chihuahuas and small dogs that come into our organizaiton. We will not turn away a dog because it is injuried, ill or elderly. Our seniors and special needs dogs will make a wonderful addition to your family, so please also consider the adoption of one of our special little ones.

The dogs you visit on our website are living in our homes as loved members of our families. They beg at the table at meals, sleep in our beds, snuggle in our laps while we watch TV, go for rides in the car, chase the mop, and happily celebrate our return home, even after just taking out the garbage!!! We are not a shelter. These are our homes and everyone that comes into our homes has the run of it. We keep the dog in our homes for some TLC and evaluation in regard to its temperament, socialization, and health, in order to make the best possible fit for a prospective adopter.

Forgive us if we seem to be intrusive when applying for a dog. We are extremely picky in choosing homes for our little ones. Once they become members of our family, we treat them as we would our own children when we're placing them in a new home. Although we don’t always have a history on the dog’s past or know how it got to the shelter, we do have a sense of its character and needs. If you see a little one that you'd like to adopt, please fill out an adoption application. We get quite a few applications, so please be patient with us as we are all volunteers and work full time jobs, as we do get back to each and every person.

If we feel that you would be a good match for one of our little ones, we will phone or email you and make an appointment for a home visit. We, generally, do not adopt our little ones to families with children under the age of 6.

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