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CATS Inc., (Caring About The Strays)

Sweet Home Animal Shelter

Sweet Home, Oregon 97386
I am a small sanctuary run out of my home. We have an enclosed cat shelter that attaches to our home through irrigation culverts running out of our dining room window. I have been known on the Internet for years as a cat expert, however, I never claim to be one. I love these strays and ferals and will take them, work with them, vet them and try to find loving homes for them. If not, they will live here with us. I can take up to 40 cats. I do this because I can. I am a member of the Professional Cat Writers' Association and have work published in Cat Fancy, Kittens and Cats, Kittens USA. Petsitters, Cats and kittens (out of India) and Pets Weekly (out of canada) I help people solve their stray cat issues via the Internet and going to homes. I went NP_ last year.

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