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Animal Trustees of Austin

austin Animal Shelter

5129 Cameron Road
austin, Texas 78746
Phone: 512-450-0111
Fax: 512-450-0177
The ATA Foster and Adoption Program has fostered and found permanent, loving homes for over 2,000 dogs and cats. Many of these are "special needs" animals needing expensive surgeries, medical care, or behavioral training. ATA believes that all animals are special, and the dogs and cats live in the homes of foster parents until they find the the perfect family. ATA does not return any animals to the shelter or euthanize them if they are not adopted. In addition, all ATA animals are spayed or neutered before adoption, and receive the most complete series of tests and vaccinations. For more information about the Foster and Adoption Program, please call (512) 450-1504.

Surgical sterilization of dogs and cats, commonly referred to as spaying and neutering, is an immediate and humane solution to end the crisis of animal overpopulation. ATA is committed to ending overpopulation by making affordable sterilization surgery for dogs and cats accessible to the general public through our Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic. Our clinic provides high quality services at affordable prices to approximately 8,000 dogs and cats each year. Since March 1997, the ATA Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic has spayed and neutered over 60,000 dogs and cats, thus preventing the birth (and possible death) of hundreds of thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens. The clinic is staffed by an experienced veterinarian, qualified veterinary technicians, staff and volunteers. For more information about the Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic, please call (512) 450-0111.

Since June 2002, the ATA Wellness Clinic for Animals has provided vaccinations and testing for over 50,000 dogs and cats. The clinic is open five days per week and services are provided on a walk-in basis, so appointments are not required. Wellness services are provided for healthy animals only, as we are unable to treat sick or injured animals. For information about the Wellness Clinic, please call (512) 451-9355.

Other important ATA programs include: Project for Animals Without Shelter (4PAWS). This project provides sterilization services, vaccinations, and veterinary services to the pets of the homeless and indigent of Central Texas. The Feral Cat Advocacy Project (Austin Feral Cats) supports the efforts of the citizens of Central Texas in the humane and compassionate management of feral cats and provides education on trapping, neutering, and releasing feral cats. The Recovering Hearts Program provides life saving treatment for heartworm disease, and SAL (Saving Animal Lives) is Dr. Kirk Lewis' program of performing surgery on animals with life threatening injuries. For more information on these programs, please call (512) 450-1504.

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