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Angel's Dog Rescue and Adoption

Monroe Animal Shelter

Monroe, North Carolina 28110
Phone: 704-458-7326
Hello! My name is Kimbra Hill, President and Founder of Angel’s Dog Rescue and Adoption, Inc. I have been blessed to be able to pursue two of my life’s dreams and passions…hairstylist and working with abused, unwanted, and unloved dogs. Just recently, I’ve been able to put a hold on my hairstyling career at Fresh Salon, (which is staffed with an awesome group of stylists), and begin my dog rescue. I have been a hair stylist for twenty years and have always enjoyed making people more beautiful. It was extremely difficult leaving my co-workers and my loyal and wonderful clients but they are very excited about my new adventure and supportive of my new career. I have a wonderful husband, Wes, and two precious children, Rain and Slate, who are my heart and soul. If not for them, for their patience and support, this dream would never have become a reality for me. Now, about Angel’s Dog Rescue and Adoption! All my life I have had a super soft spot for animals of all kinds but especially dogs. I have always been drawn to them and it seems they are drawn to me as well. I have found as many dogs as have found me. My goal here at the rescue is to get unwanted dogs from animal shelters and (1) prevent them from being euthanized, (2) find the perfect home for these precious animals, (3) provide training for behavior problems, (4) make sure they are properly vetted before going to their new home, and (5) provide a loving environment for pets whose owners can no longer take care of them until a new home can be found. Because of today’s economy, there are so many families who are no longer able to provide for their pets and the owners may feel they need to surrender their pet to a shelter or even put them out on the street and I would like to be an alternative for them. Another goal is to stop the puppy mills! People purchase “purebreds” from pet stores, usually at a high cost, expecting their pet to be healthy and well taken care of. Instead, because of puppy mills that sell to pet stores, many times these pets are inbred, not taken care of, and come from “parents” whose only purpose is to be bred over and over…living their entire life in a small pen then, when no longer able to produce, their job being “done”, they are killed. Angel, the namesake of our rescue, is an example of being an abused, unloved, unwanted, and overbred pet. She had many issues when I rescued her and by showering her with lots of love, patience, and guidance, she is now a beautiful, well loved, and well behaved young lady who even has her own dog rescue! To make the family complete, Angel is a sister to two other young ladies, two handsome young men, the mother of one handsome boy, and a foster sister to one beautiful young lady who still needs a wonderful home. This makes my family complete and this rescue is my dream come true. Thank you for taking the time to find out more about Angel’s Rescue and Adoption. Come back and visit anytime and look for updates. Remember, a dog in need is a friend indeed.

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