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Andalusia Animal Shelter

Andalusia Animal Shelter

101 Coliseum Ave
Andalusia, Alabama 36420
Phone: 334-222-8705
Website: http://
My name is Christin, I have been at this facility for 7 yrs. And plan to stay until I am no longer able. I have been the only employee for the shelter until a few months ago when I was finally able to convince the city I needed help! I manage the day to day operations of the shelter, i.e. all adoptions, spay/nueter appointments, fundraising, sponsorships, and now getting my feet wet with the grant process. I do this job strictly for the animals not just in my county but for where ever else I may have an impact. These pets deserve a chance at life, love and happiness and I really feel divine intervention guided me here. I take every oppurtunity possible to educate the public on all kinds of different topics. I feel this job can be very rewarding and I can leave every day knowing I have done everything that is humanely possible for the animals in my care. And to help bring justice to them as well.

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