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Amarillo SPCA

Amarillo Animal Shelter

11901 S. Coulter
Amarillo, Texas 79119
Phone: 806-622-0555
The Amarillo SPCA is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. We operate solely on donations and fundraisers. We operate a shelter for dogs and cats and have approximately 140 animals, most of which are housed at the shelter. A few live temporarily in foster homes. One of our main concerns as an organization is pet over population. It is important that the public be educated about the importance of spaying and neutering their pets. It is also our goal to make sure every animal that is adopted from the SPCA is sterilized before going to a new home. We receive calls daily from people who request help with their animals--either needing to give them up or asking for help with food and medical needs. We help whenever we can. Our kennels are full most of the time but we will try our hardest to accommodate any animal that is homeless or needing a home. Because of our own expenses, we rarely are able to help the public with pet care costs. We do provide spay and neuter vouchers for a significantly reduced fee. We also provide microchipping services to the general public for a reduced fee. We have grown to the extent that volunteers alone cannot provide necessary hours for operating the kennels. We have a shelter manager and part time employees along with volunteers who work hard maintaining the shelter. Many animals we bring into the shelter need immediate medical care, and all animals that come to us receive their shots, a microchip and sterilization before being adopted into their new homes. Frequently these expenses are far more than the adoption fee of $100. It is our duty to provide the best medical treatment possible regardless of cost for our animals--and therefore our vet bills are always very large. We have created this website to provide accessible information concerning all of the animal related organizations and events that are occuring in the Texas Panhandle as well as a resource base for those seeking advice or care for their pets. Therefore, we invite anyone who is affiliated with a particular animal welfare organization, specialized pet-owner group (such as pet therapy or obedience training,) or any business that is in the service of animals (veterinarians, groomers, pet sitters, etc.) to contact us so that we may tell the public about your organization or business. We do, however, respectfully decline to list any breeders or to promote breeding services as it is not in alignment with our mission of curbing the pet overpopulation crisis. Thank you, The Amarillo SPCA

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