Adopt a Catahoula Leopard Dog / Mixed (short coat)

Catahoula Leopard Dog / Mixed (short coat) Dog

Tug the Dog needs a home

WHAT A SWAGGER!!  WATCH OUT, HOT STUFF HERE!   Have you ever seen such a gorgeous Catahoula Leopard Hound mix in your life???  No way Jose!!  He is one fantabulous  buckaroo and he IS sizzlin'!  Tug, at 85 pounds is still just a youngster and is six years old.   This poor lad has had a very, very crummy life, that is until we got him into our rescue.  He was totally and completely neglected.  He has never had any kindness, love, companionship, NOTHING!   Certainly by no fault of his own, he just fell into the hands of the wrong, very wrong people.  We've promised him he'll get a fabulous new home where he'll be loved lots and lots and this home WILL be permanent.  He's just as sweet as sugar, not to mention how smashing looking he is!  Plus, he has such a wonderful, out going personality.  He is the happiest little lad you have ever met.  He loves all of his canine buds but he'll play by himself also and have himself a great time!  Yep, this cool little lad is awesome.  He has a terrific disposition, he so truly wants to please you.  Whatever you say, he will try his best to do, whatever you do, he will try his best to do.  Whew wee, what a guy!!   He is THE most accommodating pooch you have ever met!!!   He loves to go on nice long car rides, he totally enjoys the scenery!!!  You traveling folks out there, he'll be a great addition for you because he's a true traveler. He also loves going for nice long walks too! That is a big time fave of his! He's also a pretty darn smart dude.  He'll try his darnedest to talk to you and he will make you laugh!  What a great pal to watch TV with.  Reason being, he doesn't care what you want to watch, he loves everything!!!  Although, he is getting pretty doggone good at the Fox Trot!   Watching Dancing With The Stars has become one of his faves and boy does it show!   He's as smooth on that dance floor as Fred Astaire!!!  But he can also be a hot dog too!  Ha ha!!  He also loves reading the paper, he always wants to be kept in the loop.  He definitely doesn't want anyone knowing more about the world news than he does!!!  Yup, he 's always on top of his game!!!  He's a heck of a sleeping partner too, he will love to snuggle right next to you, and help you catch those zzzz's all night long!!!  Seems like this treasure is just that, a true treasure.  Know what else is cool about this handsome, super sweet creme puff?  He loves everyone, he is very, very out going and NEVER meets a stranger. Whoever out there is lucky enough to adopt this fine gent will have the greatest, most dedicated pal they could EVER ask for!!  He is truly a delight.  Come see for yourself, then you'll be a believer yourself.  You could NEVER leave without Tug by your side and that's a fact Jack!!!  For any additional information on Tug, please call 352-438-8283.   Adoption donation $85.00.

  • Animal: Dog
  • Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog / Mixed (short coat)
  • Size: Large
  • Gender: Male
  • State: Florida
  • Zip/Postal Code: 34471
As of 6/21/2024 Tug is still available for adoption. Please use the owner information below to confirm that Tug is still available or to adopt. Don't forget to check the other animal shelters near me there are many other pets needing a fur-ever home.

Owner Information

  • Facility: Pets in Distress Inc
  • Phone:352-450-0586
  • Email:
You can find Tug at Pets in Distress Inc

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