Adopt a Beagle / Chihuahua (short coat)

Beagle / Chihuahua (short coat) Dog

Regis the Dog needs a home

HOLD YOUR HORSES!!!   What a handsome, handsome little dude!!   Yesiree, this darling fourteen pound Beagle/Chihuahua mix is one good looking buckaroo and as sweet as candy!  His birthday is December 25, 2008.  He is very, very easy going and as happy as a clam!  Take good look at that adorable little sugar baby and say you can't wait to hug him and when you do, you'll continue to hug him 'til the cow's come home!!!  So happy go lucky this youngster is that within a few seconds of being around him you will find yourself in such a happy, happy mood, even if you were in a bad one.  Yep, this little sugar plum is sooo wonderful, and absolutely has the best personality in the world.  He loves everyone, he has yet to meet a stranger!  Can you believe this???  You WILL have a hard time even trying to imagine this could ever happen.  This little chap was abandoned by his owners at high kill shelter, Hillsborough County Animal Services.  He was minutes away from being euthanized when we got him out of there.  He is truly very, very lucky.  Sooo many innocent animals lose their lives every year because of their owners.  It is such a heartbreak.  Can't you just imagine how frightened he must have been. He was certainly neglected by his owners as he was is very rough condition when we got him.  LOTS of hair loss, all from fleas.  He was slammed with fleas when he was brought in to the shelter and you could definitely see the damage they did to his coat. He's looking pretty darn dapper now and only getting even more handsome!  He has had a tough go of it folks, we figure it's his turn now for the good life!  He deserves absolutely the best!!  He sure is a happy little camper.  His tail just never stops wagging!!!  He sure would love to have the opportunity to get some nice hugs and kisses.  He will also love to give them right back!!!.  Oh yeah, he is quite a snuggle bug too.  He sure does love to cozy in right next to you every night and help you catch those zzzzz's!!!!  He also loves to park himself right next to you every night when it's time to kick back and watch a little TV.  He does love to watch TV!!!   Regis is quite an exceptional little dude, and has a ton of love to give. He deserves a good home because he knows what it's like to live on the streets and he does not like it!  He deserves a home with someone that will love him and take wonderful care of him for the rest of his life.  That folks is something he has never had. His foster folks LOVE him soooo much.  They think he's just the cat's meow!  Speaking of cats, he loves his feline friends and his canine cronies too.  Any of you traveling folks out there, one of his favorite things to do is go for car rides!  And he totally loves nice long walks too.  What an awesome youngster he is!!!   We have promised him his new and permanent home will be with someone that knows how wonderful it is to come home to  a devoted, loving and caring companion.  And, it just so happens Regis is just that!  Honestly, he is an awful good little boy and so badly wants to show just how great he is. He is a such a little cutie pie and totally as sweet as sugar!!!  You could look for millions of years (tee hee hee) and NEVER find a gent as terrific as this one is!!   He is completely housebroken and totally trustworthy to be left home alone.  WOW!!  What a sensational little creme puff!!  Wait, wait, you know what he is??  He's the "perfect pet"!!!  Come meet Regis, he IS a keeper!!  Adoption donation $150.00.

  • Animal: Dog
  • Breed: Beagle / Chihuahua (short coat)
  • Size: Small
  • Gender: Male
  • State: Florida
  • Zip/Postal Code: 34471
As of 6/21/2024 Regis is still available for adoption. Please use the owner information below to confirm that Regis is still available or to adopt. Don't forget to check the other animal shelters near me there are many other pets needing a fur-ever home.

Owner Information

  • Facility: Pets in Distress Inc
  • Phone:352-450-0586
  • Email:
You can find Regis at Pets in Distress Inc

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