Are You Feeding Your Cat the Best Diet

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Are You Feeding Your Cat the Best Diet?

Cat owners and cat lovers usually know how important diet is for their furry friends. Cats can be even more sensitive than dogs when it comes to nutrition, which is why paying attention to their special needs and health issues is a must.

It is indeed extremely easy to buy a pack of dried food or some canned food for your cats and simply feed them that each day. But what not everyone knows is that dried foods are not quite recommended, as your cat might develop kidney diseases. Canned food or wet food should also be added easily into their diet, especially if they are not used to it.

The nutritional value is pretty much the same when it comes to wet and dried foods, but the water content is what makes wet food recommended for your cats. However, not just any type of canned food is good for your cat so you might want to pay attention to the following tips when it comes to buying canned cat food:

? Always remember to check the label of the product you are buying and make sure that it contains the proper amount of nutrients recommended for cats and that the product is approved by the association of feed control. Otherwise, you can forget about that product and look for other brands.

? Another aspect is that of choosing the food according to your cat?s age, as the nutritional requirements differ at various stages.

? Always take into account your cat?s health problems when choosing the food for it. This means that you can find special foods for cats suffering from various illnesses. But the best solution would be talking to your veterinarian first.

? Cats love meat and their nutrition should definitely contain protein. This means that you should also be aware of the content of the food you are buying. Make sure it contains meat and other beneficial nutrients such as various vitamins recommended for cats ? talk to your vet about this to find out more.

? Canned food usually contains enough food for one meal, but in case it is too much for your cat, do not forget to refrigerate it ? otherwise, it will decay much faster than dried food.

? Quality cat food brands are usually more expensive, but when it comes to your best friend?s health, this should not be an issue.

? Last but not least, you also have to take into account your cat?s likes and dislikes. Make sure you buy foods with flavors that your cat enjoys and also never forget not to exceed the amount of food it needs or it might become overweight.

There are numerous aspects you have to consider when taking care of a cat, especially when it comes to nutrition. But you need to see this from a different perspective. Cats are sensitive creatures just like humans, with plenty of necessities when it comes to maintaining a proper health and condition. And feeding is one of the most important aspects that affect their overall well-being.

You should never neglect these aspects and always pay attention to your cat's needs, just like you would care for any other member of your family.

Cats Love MAX CAT Food!

With MAX CAT food, the meal of your favorite feline turns into a true feast. This is not just empty praise ? with so many choices and flavors, your cat will definitely feel like a queen (or king!) receiving your love especially during meal time.

If you are looking for an affordable yet healthy and rich meal for your cat, this is the right choice. Pet owners whose cats have tried the various flavors of this food have declared themselves delighted with how well their picky eaters finished their bowls clean and asked for more.

MAX CAT food comes in various types, for felines of all ages and lifestyles. If want your cat to eat as many nutrients as possible, you should go with the dry food packages. You can choose from roasted chicken flavor or salmon flavor. Do not forget to give your cat plenty of water, as it is not a very heavy drinker by nature, which can lead to problems with the urinal tract and the kidneys. If you want to be creative, you could set up a small cat fountain ? your cat will definitely love it!

If, however, if you prefer your cat to eat as closely to its natural diet as possible, you should choose MAX CAT wet food or canned food. That way, your cat will be able to get the water it needs straight from the food, without the risk of developing kidney crystals or other health problems due to the fact that they do not drink too much water.

MAX CAT also takes into account your pet?s age, offering appropriate meals for kittens, adult cats and senior cats.

For example, the kitten?s food contains ingredients like proteins, fats, fibers, moisture, calcium, zinc, vitamin D and E, taurine, vitamin C, DHA, as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. That way, the kitten will develop a strong brain (thanks to DHA or the Ducosahexaenoic acid), a strong immune system (thanks to all the vitamins and the taurine), as well as a strong musculature and bone system (thanks to zinc and calcium).

The adult cat?s food will contain pretty much the same ingredients as the ones found in the kitten food, except for calcium and DHA. Taurine will help your adult cat have a strong vision and a healthy heart, while zinc and omega acids will help her get a shiny coat and supple skin.

The senior cat?s food will also include calcium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin C and E, thiamine and taurine, as well as Omega-3 and 6 acids, all of which will help keep your old friend well fed and in good health.

The caloric content of the MAX CAT food is also adapted to your feline?s lifestyle. If she is very active, loves to play and take long walks outdoor, she will need more calories than a cat that loves to spend its days indoors, sleeping or standing by the fireplace. For the latter, MAX CAT has also designed the weight control formula, containing L-carnitine, which, in combination with a low level of fats, will help your cat shed the extra weight.

MAX CAT food is a synonym for natural nutrition, an easily digestible meal and a healthy food, available to you at a reasonable price.

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