Protecting Forest Animals

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Protecting Forest Animals ? What Can Be Done?

Wildlife living in forests are having a hard time these days, with clear cutting trees for new housing development that is going on. Some species are slowly becoming extinct. That means that our rapid growth might cause the complete disappearance of certain types of animals. Surely we, as responsible individuals, can do something about this. But what is there to be done?

The first step we need to take in order to protect endangered species is to understand their habitats and how they survive in the wild. Zoos and reservations can be good in certain cases and are sometimes even necessary, but this is not a proper way of life for most animals.

Our next step should be to set aside land for them. Most animals inhabit a space that fulfils all their basic needs. This land must already be covered by a small ecosystem. Setting a land with no resources of food and shelter for animals means we are sending them to die.

The third step involves protecting the lands we are setting, as well as those that are still untouched by human hands. This is most efficiently done by setting aside environmental laws. These must prohibit hunting, fishing and disturbing the homes of animals. In order to properly enforce these laws, severe punishments must be given for those that break them, be those individuals or companies. Fines and even jail time should be considered. That way most will think twice before deciding to hurt the environment again. While this might seem a bit harsh, don?t forget that the damage can have a long time effect that is even greater than many imagine.

Next, we should move the animals into this new habitat and see how they adapt to it. We need to monitor their lives closely so as to be sure they are learning to live in the area. There might be need of some adjustments, and this is best done early, while there is still time.

The final step involves educating the population about the need to preserve ecosystems and fauna. This can be done through TV, internet and school programs that help children get involved into this. You will be surprised just how many youngsters are willing to make this planet a better place. It is our home, after all. Following these simple steps will ensure that forest animals will be living in a much safer habitat.

Humans need to learn to protect and respect the environment, as well as all the species that are living there. It is in our best interest to preserve the natural habitat for as many years as possible. It is also our duty, not only to the environment from which we reap our benefits, but also for the future generations. What kind of world will we leave behind for them? Everyone can contribute to the environment, and sometimes it is as simple as not leaving trash on our picnic sites or as using the trash cans available on the streets instead of littering.

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