The Boston Terrier

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Not Just a Dog, but the Gentleman of Your Family

Originally from the United States of America, the Boston Terrier is not quite a sports addict, but can make a good pet nonetheless. They are small sized, but well proportioned dogs, with erect ears and a very short tail. Though stubborn at times, they are friendly, extremely intelligent and easy to train. Because of the general appearance, with compact muscles, the breed is also called Boston Bull.

The Boston Terrier has a broad chest, this being the reason why its legs are set wide apart, and the head has a square appearance with round, large dark eyes that are, just like the legs, set wide apart from one another. Their hair is short and smooth and the coat color can be brindle, seal, black or a combination between these three, with a large amount of white as well (placed on the chest, head, legs and neck) one of the breeds main distinguishing aspects; the Boston terriers can also have red, liver, cream or brown colors, but these are rare. The white markings on the body, which look like formal wear, provide the breed with an alternative name, the American Gentleman. Thanks to its specific characteristics, the coat is easy to wash and comb when necessary.

With a life span of approximately 10-15 years, the Boston Terrier is about 15-17 inches high and weighs between 10 and 25 pounds. Females can give birth to an average of 3 or 4 puppies, but, because the size of the head is large, a caesarean may be needed in many cases.

Since their eyes are big and very exposed, health issues will usually involve this aspect. Other problems can refer to deafness, various types of tumors, patellar luxation, breathing difficulties if confronted with extreme temperatures (to which they are extremely sensitive) and so on. Thus, special care is needed in order to maintain your Terrier healthy. Also, these dogs will most probably develop habits such as drooling or snoring.

Very intelligent by nature, the Boston Terrier is a gentle, yet enthusiastic dog, with manners fit for a gentleman (just like the name suggests). These dogs are sensitive to loud sounds and high tones in general, so make sure not to shout at them, but get their attention through other methods. Since they like to learn things, they are easy to train, but, if not controlled, they can develop the idea that the leader is them and not the owner, which will lead to strong disobedience. These dogs seem to be extremely good around children and elders and can be very friendly to strangers as well, which does not make them rank high as guard dogs. They are affectionate and playful, and being part of a family is a high necessity to them.

Because of their small size and body structure, they make perfect apartment pets, regular walks in the park and some play time being all they need to stay in shape. Since they do not weigh too much, Boston Terriers are easy to carry this may help when playing, crossing the street, taking a bath and so on.

A well-mannered dog that will love his owners with all his heart, will obey them, watch over the children and play whenever it is given the chance this is the Boston Terrier, a pet that only needs a moment to brighten everyones day.

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