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The Clown With the Snow Coat

<b>American Eskimo Dog</b>

The American Eskimo Dog, in spite of its name, did not come from Alaska; it came from Germany, and it is a crossbreed between Switzerland Spitz dogs and the Volpino Italiano. When immigrant workers came to America, they brought these dogs with them. They were used as pets by the working classes, as circus dogs (the famous Barnum and Bailey Circus presented popular performances with them) and as farm dogs.

After World War II, their name was changed to American Eskimo Dog, in order to get rid of the German-sounding name, a form of protest against the disasters the German caused during the war. In time, the dogs' characteristics have become different from the Spitz, and that is why some kennel clubs felt necessary to treat them as a different breed, even though they were exported as German Spitz. There are still many kennel clubs that recognize them as being similar to the German Spitz breed.

The breed comes in 3 sizes: the standard breed, which is the largest one, measuring 15-19 inches, the miniature size, which measures from 12 to 15 inches, and the toy, that is less than 12 inches, down to 9 inches tall. The American Eskimo dog has a short head, a cute foxy face, long white and fluffy hair. Because of its white coat, the breed has been named Eskimo. Their thick double wired coat needs to be brushed and combed twice a week and washed more often than the other dogs`. The breed has bat-shaped ears, medium-sized and in an upright position. Their life expectancy easily reaches 12-14 years, but there are dogs that have been known to reach even 16 years. They are usually healthy dogs, with an above the average intelligence, and are very playful and eager to please their master.

They are very easy to train and are able to do things that other breeds cannot perform, or learn. That is why the Eskies (as they are often called) are able to perform circus acts, like dancing to music, wire walking, jumping over obstacles, performing with other animals like ponies or monkeys, performing roles with the clowns, and many more. They are able to learn tricks and to invent tricks of their own just to please their master.

Even though the American Eskimo Dog is a very energetic breed, it can be very obedient and quiet, it is perfectly able to live together with the family and other pets, and it is the children's best companion, because of its insatiable playing mood.

If their environment is not a large yard, but an apartment, it is advisable to train these dogs to obey the owner's commands from an early age. They usually need at least a walk every day, a long one if you have the standard size or a short one or a little bit of playing in the back yard if you have the toy size dog.

The American Eskimo Dog remains the best companion, a good, trustful and intelligent dog, and the best friend for your children, as well as for your pets.

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