The Australian Shepherd

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An Extremely Friendly and Active Rustic Dog Breed

The Australian Shepherd is also known as the “Aussie”, and this is an extremely joyful and an over-active rustic dog. Even when it grows up, it still has the temperament and look of a cute puppy. These dogs make an excellent companion for children, as they are very playful and constantly looking after some action. They are good guardian dogs, and extremely loyal and devoted friends. They like to please their master at all times, and they are generally quite attentive with family members who surround them.

The <b>Australian Shepherd</b>

The best thing about the Australian Shepherd is that it is easy to train. It will certainly take a lot of patience, but if you can invest enough quality time and skills into training it, you will have a very good companion. The Aussie can become quite aggressive with the livestock, but it will never harm humans. If you would like to own a cute little couch dog, the Aussie might not be the perfect choice, since it is very hard to keep such a dog in the house all day. These pets need a lot of open space so that they can play around and find tasks they can accomplish.

The Aussie requires quite a big amount of attention, and taking it for a short walk ever day is simply not enough. The dogs from this breed are extremely suitable for over-active people, who like to work out in the open air, such as jogging or cycling. You can take your Shepherd with you on your cycling tour, and then it will be able to disperse of all that energy that lies within.

It is said that if the Australian Shepherd doesnt have something to occupy its mind with, it might develop serious behavioral problems, and even depression. Also, when they are left alone, they might become destructive with items around the house (carpets, shoes, cables, etc.). In order to teach them to not become suspicious with all the strangers approaching the house, they need to socialize often and get to know other people than family members.

The Aussie might become aggressive with livestock, as mentioned, but it will never display such behavior with other dogs. It is extremely important to mention that merle crosses might be prone to developing blindness or deafness. Therefore, when you buy an Australian Shepherd puppy, you need to have it checked for such possible health issues. Some dogs in this breed can also become extremely sensitive to certain drugs, so regular checkups with the vet and following the instructions he offers are crucial.

Some other health complications that the Aussie is prone to develop might include hip dysphasia, distichiasis (or abnormal growth of the lashes), spinal complications, or cataract.

The Aussie lives on average between 12 and 15 years; its coat does not require a lot of attention - it can be easily groomed. Make sure to bathe the dog only when absolutely necessary, in order to not destroy the natural protective oils under its coat.

If properly taken care of, the Australian Shepherd will bring a huge amount of joy and love in any family!

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