Havanese Dogs

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Havanese dogs are a breed resembling the Bichon. They are considered to be native of Cuba. Their special feature - the lightweight coat, which is straight, but not leveled - is a result of the tropical climate in Cuba. It protects them from high temperatures and it is light and soft, to such extent that it has even been compared to raw silk, which is why the dogs were also known under the names: Havana Silk Dogs and Spanish Silk Poodles. The coat styles range from wavy to curly and they are to be found in a wide variety of colors, including a peculiar blue, but also some classic colors like: white, cream, gold, black and chocolate - the last two being the favorites among breeders in North America.

<b>Havanese Dogs</b>

As companions, the Havanese Silk dogs are nice and responsive. They are perfect for those looking for a family dog, as they very easily become attached to families and are extremely good with children. Havanese dogs are very affectionate and they love to play, being cheerful and sociable. They will get along well with other dogs, but also with cats or other pets and even with strangers.

This is an inquisitive breed which loves to discover things and stay in touch to what is going on around them. They are quite obedient and will be easy to train if their owner teaches them leadership, without being rough on them. You should also know that Havanese Silk Poodles are sensitive to the tone of your voice so be careful how you address them.

Havanese dogs have an inborn need for companionship, but they are also good watchdogs and playmates, all of these traits making them excellent family dogs. They are sweet, intelligent and soft, but they are also a little mischievous - a thing that makes their personality even more interesting.

They are fast learners and they really enjoy doing things for their owners, this is why they have made a reputation as circus dogs. If properly trained, they should be neither shy nor aggressive with strangers. A Havanese dog will announce you of the arrival of guests, but as soon as you welcome them they will quickly follow your example and become friendly.

Despite their small size and cute appearance, these are strong dogs and can live for a very long time (14-15 years). They are generally a healthy breed, but there are some problems that might affect them, such as: poodle eye, juvenile heritable cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia and dislocation of the knee cap, dry skin and deafness.

Havanese dogs do not require strenuous activities to keep them healthy; they only need a daily walk and a little of your attention. They are playful little dogs which will do great in your apartment. They are supposed to live indoors and, as long as they get the proper amount of physical exercise they will have no problem living indoors.

Havanese dogs might be a small breed, but they are neither delicate nor fragile; they are playful and sturdy and they will last a long time in your family as long as you love them.

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