The German Shepherd

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A German shepherd dog is a champion of positive features. There is no other dog that possesses such admirable attributes as a German shepherd. He is perhaps the most loyal and lovely pal you could ever have. Beside, this dog is also very intelligent and shows a real interest in learning. He is both calm and athletic, he is strong and respectable and he is serious like no other. Despite his seriousness and calm, he can also be very jovial and really entertaining. There is no way someone could not like this dog; he has a perfect personality and, apart from that, he is also very good looking, always showing a lively and self assured look.

The German Shepherd

It is precisely its intelligence that makes the German shepherd so highly appreciated and this is the trait for which he was initially bred. The German shepherd dog ranks third in the top of the most intelligent dogs, after the Border collie and the Poodle. He is obedient and quickly understands what he is told to do; it has been proven that he can learn basic tasks only after five repetitions and it is extremely likely to obey the first command, the response rate being 95%.

Because of the great receptivity of this breed, the German shepherd was initially used by shepherds to protect and herd the flock. He is very popular within the United States, although it is a quite new breed, being first documented in Germany in 1899 and then brought in America in 1907. It was in fact the First World War that led to the popularity of this dog breed in the United States.

The German shepherd dog is a hero, which has gained recognition due to his courageous acts and his consistent efforts in saving and protecting human beings. His fast response to training, cleverness, loyalty and protective instincts are responsible for the huge success of the breed and for the fact that humans rely on him and train him for important tasks. A German shepherd will likely become a successful police dog, guard dog and will be the perfect companion for blind people. He has definitely earned people's respect and he deserves to be well-treated and taken good care of.

A German shepherd keeps his calm when facing danger, showing great bravery and reliability. His qualities did not pass unnoticed and the military showed increased interest in breeding this dog.

A German shepherd dog can accomplish various tasks because he is a fast and eager learner and has a great personality. He takes things seriously and he does not give up. He is very clever and brave and he knows how to be a good companion. If you show him that you need him, he will be very happy to serve you. This is a dog which totally deserves respect and affection.

A real friend, a fearless companion, an intelligent student, a loyal fellow, a soul full of dignity and sobriety - all these represent what a German Shepherd Dog can be.

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