A Few Dog Training Tips

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No matter the type or age of your dog, here are a few dog training tips to get you started on his education. If he obeys you, you will communicate a lot better and the whole family will be much happier for it.

A Few Dog Training Tips

If he's a puppy, the first thing you need to do is teach him to use the potty properly. Here are a few dog training ideas to try out: feed him on a schedule and take him to potty right after each feeding. Use the same spot every time until he gets the hang of controlling himself. Always say the same command when he's going so he can get used to hearing it and associating it with relieving himself. Make sure you always praise him while he's going and right after.

Something else you should be working on while dog training is the “lay down” or “sit” command. This is a basic command and it should be among the first things to teach your dog. The easiest way to train him to sit, or anything else for that matter, is to play around with him and sit down beside him. Once you get him in the position you want, immediately say the command, which in this case is “sit.” Continue in the same way and make sure you always say the command as soon as the dog gets himself in the position you asked. Again, you want to make sure you praise him and give him plenty of treats upon satisfactory completion of the task. Do not raise your voice as this will only scare or put him on defense. Do only three to five repetitions each time so that the dog doesn't get the chance to get bored. Training should be fun!

While you're working on the basics, you should keep in mind that any behavior you allow now, like climbing on furniture, chewing on shoes, and so on will persist in the future. So here are a few general dog training tips on how to help your dog develop good manners.

Always be consistent. This means never making an exception to whatever rule you have set. If you don't want him chasing cars then don't let him; scold him in a firm but nice way and don't offer him any rewards. When he does something right, such as remembering that he's not allowed to climb or chew the furniture, make sure you praise him and give him treats.

No matter what you're trying to teach your dog, always sit in front of him and get down to his eye level so he can clearly see and hear you. Have plenty of rewards on hand and make sure you praise him abundantly. Do not raise your voice or hit him. Work with him and his natural abilities.

Remember that your aim is to have a good relationship with your dog and to be confident that he will behave well in any situation, especially around kids. Follow these dog training tips and you'll have a great relationship with your pet.

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