Moving an injured dog

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To move an injured dog who cannot walk, perform the following steps:

<b>Moving an<i> injured<b> dog</b></i></b>

--Restrain him with a muzzle, even the most easygoing dogs may bite when they are in pain.

--Find a stretcher for the dog, use a door, mat, board or a blanket. If it is a small dog, he may be put inside a sturdy box or wrapped up in a towel or blanket and carried.

--With help, gently lift the dog. When lifting him, one person should be supporting the chest and the other person should support the rear end. Be careful.

--Watch out for fractures. If there is a broken limb, keep it still and supported. Move him as little as you can. If you have first aid experience, a properly applied splint will help reduce further injury. The first priority should be getting your dog to a veterinarian.

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