Pomeranian Care

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The Pomeranian is a small dog with n extraordinary personality! This tiny yet fluffy pet has a wedge shaped head and looks like it might be a little fox. With its bright eyes, it seems as if it is always smiling at you and willing to please. They are intelligent and eager to learn new tricks, but a firm hand must be applied from time to time or this little darling can become very yippy and demanding.

<b>Pomeranian</b> Care

Along with all this cuteness and fluff, Pomeranians tend to require special grooming needs. While not excessively demanding, the Pomeranian will require some daily attention which will give you the opportunity to bond with your pet!

It is important that your pet receive dental care. Pomeranians are more prone than other breeds to tooth loss and bacteria build up. If this bacteria is allowed to run unchecked, it can and eventually will cause problems with your pets health. Luckily for us, maintaining good dental health is fast and easy! Buy enzymatic toothpaste that fights bacteria (your local vet can recommend a good brand) and a small tooth brush (I like to use the one that has a loop that fits on my finger). Make an effort to brush your dogs teeth every day. Have your vet do a dental exam about once a year and scaling if necessary.

Brushing your Pomeranian every day is a great way to bond with your dog as well as insure his coat is healthy and shinny. Pomeranians have what is known as a double coat that can easily become matted which makes brushing necessary. A once a week or every couple of weeks bath is an easy way to keep your Pomeranian smelling and looking good! Dont forget to groom around his little paws and tail area and clip his nails.

Like most small dogs, Pomeranians often have a buildup of discharge fluid from their eyes that can cause a lumpy mess. This buildup can stain the fur and, which must be uncomfortable for him. To avoid this kind of mess, clean the eye area each day with a Q-tip.

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