4 Amazing Tricks to Teach Your Small Schwyz Hound

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4 Amazing Tricks to Teach Your Small Schwyz Hound

The Small Schwyz Hound is a highly agile and intelligent scenthound coming from the 1900s' Switzerland, where it was used for hunting in enclosed, private grounds. It is a miniature version of the Swiss Hound, with a white coat covered in yellow-red to orange-red patches. Measuring only 13-17 in (33-43 cm) in height and between 18 and 33 lb (8-15 kg), it can easily be classified as a medium-small dog. It requires plenty of exercise and stimulation, as well as room to exhibit its instinctual behavior, usually by sniffing around a lot when on walks. If you are not a hunter, but would still like to own a dog of this breed, then you might need to find other activities to keep life challenging and fun for it.

Every one of us has certainly seen a dog perform a trick at least once. Some of these tricks are very impressive, but most are not that useful. If you own a dog from a breed known to be intelligent and highly trainable, such a hunting dog with a long history, you may consider teaching him a few of the more useful tricks out there so they can help around the house, while also keeping themselves entertained. Here are just a few of amazing tricks you can teach your Small Schwyz Hound:
1. Fetch: The oldest trick in the book. While its commonly used while playing in the back yard, having your dog fetch a stick or toy, this trick can have far more useful applications. With a little patience, you can teach him to fetch things like the morning newspaper, the letters from the mailbox, a beer from the fridge, or a towel from the closet if you forgot to take one before getting in the shower.

2. Turn off the lights: After a long and tirying day, you finally reach your bed, lie down and make yourself as comfortable as possible, only to realize that the light is still on. Instead of getting up yourself, you could have your dog turn the light off for your if you teach him how to do it.

3. Lowering the toilet seat: If you keep getting in trouble with your wife/girlfriend/sisters for not lowering the toilet seat, teach your dog to do it for you! Its actually quite simple to do and if done right, the dog will learn that a raised toilet seat is not good and will lower it on his own, whenever he can, making your life much easier.

4. Picking up things: Try and teach your dog to pick up anything you drop on the floor. Whether its the TV remote, a dropped pack at the grocery store or the screwdriver you just knocked off the table, getting a helpful paw from your trusty canine is always a good feeling. And this way, hell make sure you dont litter either!

The most important thing to remember when trying to teach your dog anything is that you should always start with the last part of the trick and work backwards from there. Some of these tricks are harder to do than others, but with enough patience, any old dog can learn a new trick expecially one as smart as the Small Schwyz Hound.

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