Heat stroke

Leaving a dog alone in a car has a number of potential risks. Always be conscious of the effects of heat buildup in a parked car. Ten more minutes and this little guy will be in trouble! It only takes a few minutes for the internal heat to build up forty degrees above the outside air temperature especially if direct sunlight bakes the car. Even the dog?s body heat (expired air in the dog?s breath is 102 degrees!) will act like a heater inside the car. Leaving windows open slightly at the top surely helps IF there is a breeze. However, that opening also invites children to poke their fingers in or unkind folks to tease the dog with sticks. Be very cautious about leaving dogs unattended in parked cars. Heat stroke is a dire emergency and one from which many pets do not recover. And you'd be shocked to find out just how fast it can occur. If you ever find your pet distressed from overheating in a vehicle, get to the nearest animal hospital immediately... don't even call first; just GO! For minor mishaps, having a First Aid Kit on hand for your journey may be your wisest investment. And keep the phone number of your veterinarian accessible just in case you need to refill a lost prescription or need quick advice. Sadly, many pets are harmed every summer by inattention to the very real dangers of heat stroke.