This dogs' hyper!!!

What do you do with the dog that simply cannot control itself once that engine starts!! If you have really tried to train the dog to do as it is told but the motion and noise of traveling are simply overpowering and turn your dog into a slathering, panting, barking demonstration of a Tae Bo exercise, there?s hope! Call your veterinarian and describe the demonstration. Then request medication that will ?take the Tae out of the Bo?. There are a number of safe medications that will allow your dog to travel without all that stress, noise and confusion. It will be a safer trip for both of you, not to mention less stressful.

The key to successful use of pretrip medication is to administer it well before the trip starts. Some dogs start their Tae Bo routine as soon as they HEAR the word car! Be nonchalant, sneak a little medication in a treat, and don?t mention the c a r anywhere near the dog prior to your trip. If you believe your dog may be a candidate for medication, be sure to do a leisurely pretrip trial well ahead of the time you REALLY need it. About one dog out of ten will not respond well to a particular medication or a particular dose.