On the road

My little travelling buddy.The very first rule of traveling with your pet is to have an ID tag or other means of identification securely affixed to the dog. Thousands of dogs end up in shelters simply because the owners never dreamed the dog would get loose or become lost while on a trip. There are few disasters in a person?s life that are worse than having to drive off without a pet because every means of locating and recovery have failed. This kind of tragedy will haunt you for the rest of your life; don?t let it happen. Get an ID tag!

Before you leave make sure you consider the option of leaving your dog in a hometown kennel. Most dogs love being in a kennel; there?s lots of activity, they get special attention and in most cases consider a stay in the kennel like we would a stay at the beach. Visit the local kennel and see what goes on. Also there may be a Pet Sitter in your area who would tend your pets in your own home. With a Pet Sitter you can even call home and tell your dog how much fun you?re having