Dog Park details for Parley's Gulch Dog Trail

Parley's Gulch Dog Trail

2740 South 2700 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
2700 East Salt Lake City, UT 84121. 8am - 10pm. When you enter Tanner Park, keep your furry friend restrained and walk until you reach the bridge. Go to the gully near I-80 and I-215 and only then can you consider unleashing your pooch (a good idea for first-timers is to watch where other woofers are liberated). Tanner is not an official dog park, but many unrestrained mongrels and their humans enjoy the trails around the extensive grounds. Keep in mind that you may be asked to leash your pooch at any time, and citations (and fines!) are not out of the question. A fence separates the usual dog area from the busy freeways that run along the north side of the park, so don't worry that your hound might up and hitch a ride (or more realistically, bolt into traffic). Do bring enough water for you and your dog or you'll both be sipping a stream. Cleanup bags are also a smart item to have on hand, although regulars do donate bags in bulk to the park.

Parley's Gulch Dog Trail directions and map

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