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waterbury Animal Shelter

P.O. BOX 1364
waterbury, Connecticut 06702
Phone: 203-565-5936
Troche Homeless Cat Refuge is a privately owned non- profit animal welfare charity, that pays for spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations and disease testing for every pet in its care. We work with a network of foster homes and adoption pet agencies to provide care for homeless cats and kittens, including those homeless, abandoned, stray, feral and abused. We strictly operate by the generous donations and contributions from people in the community that knows what we are all about and have benefit from our program. We purchase items such as collars, leashes, identification tags, litter pans, food dishes, toys, humane cat traps,special diets--whatever is needed to keep the pets comfortable, happy and healthy while they wait for new homes. We have no source of income other than donations, but we are a strictly volunteer organization with no overhead--every penny donated directly benefits the pets. We also have a trap spay/neuter release and re-homing program, that helps prevent the overpopulation of abandoned, stray, feral, abused and homeless cats. Troche Homeless Cat Refuge is currently in need of Cat and Kitten food, cat treats, toys, scraching post, litter, litter trays, food dishes, pet carriers, humane traps, cat bedding,etc. These items will benefit our foster home program as some foster home families cannot afford all the foster home expenses involved with the pets care. WE DO NOT HAVE A SHELTER FACILITY AT THIS TIME Contributions to help us help homeless cats and kittens may be sent to: Troche Homeless Cat Refuge P.O. Box 1364 Waterbury, Ct. 06721. Email: trochehomelesscatrefuge@yahoo.com TELEPHONE: 1-203-565-5936

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