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The Herding Group height=

The Herding Group

Written By: Published: 3-15-17
The Herding Group was born when man came down from the mountains and began to settle in the fertile lowlands and valleys. He no longer needed the large and often cumbersome dogs to guard them, such as the Great Pyrenean dog. The requirement now was for smaller, faster and more mobile dogs that could keep large flocks together. For more information please visit our website at www.animalshelter ...Read More...
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The Non-Sporting Group

Written By: Published: 3-8-17
The utility, or Non-sporting group includes dogs of many different sizes and shapes which perform a variety of tasks. The group ranges from the large breeds such as the Dalmation and Standard Poodle, to the much smaller breeds like the Boston Terrier. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
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The Terrier Group

Written By: Published: 3-6-17
The word “terrier” comes from the Latin word for “terra” which means earth and aptly describes the part of the landscape in which these were originally employed- Having been bred to drive badgers, foxes, rabbits, and other quarry from their underground retreats. On occasions, when the terriers could not reach into the borrow or the earth, it would still indicate the presence of the quarry to the hunter, who would then unearth it by other means. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
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The Sporting Group

Written By: Published: 3-3-17
Dogs in the Sporting group were all bred to assist in the hunting and retrieving of game. As early as the 6th century B.C. there were records of certain types of dogs which instead of pursuing game, sniffed the scent with a raised head and then stood completely still. Although originally considered a rather unsatisfactory characteristic in a hunting dog, it was later realized that the behavior could, in fact, be very useful in the right circumstances. This was particularly the case when hunters wanted to net partridge or quail, for example. The dogs were trained to crouch sit or lie down when they had spotted game so the hunters could draw a net over the birds before they were able to fly away. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
The Hound Group height=

The Hound Group

Written By: Published: 3-2-17
The common feature of all the dogs in this group is that they pursue game, large and small. Within the Hound Group, hounds are classified into smaller groups of dogs that hunt using different senses. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
Dealing with Cat Allergies height=

Dealing with Cat Allergies

Written By: Published: 3-1-17
Cats are great companions, supposed to make you feel better , although sometimes cats can give you a sneezing, tickly throat, red eyes and other nasty symptoms. But even if you have an allergy to cats, it does not mean you will have to stay away from these purring, furry pets. Here are some simple facts that will make your encounter with any feline more bearable and, why not, enjoyable. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
The Miniature Pinscher height=

The Miniature Pinscher

Written By: Published: 2-27-17
The Miniature Pinscher is a dog of German breed that was developed from the Dachshund, the Italian Greyhound and the German Pinscher. It resembles the mini Doberman, which can be probably explained by the fact that the Doberman was also developed from the German Pinscher. The original purpose of the breed was to serve as a barnyard ratter, helping to control the population of rodents living in stables. Also known as the “king of the toys”, this miniature dog has talents such as competitive obedience, watchdog abilities and agility. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
The Italian Spinone height=

The Italian Spinone

Written By: Published: 2-24-17
The Italian Spinone, otherwise known as Spinone Italiano, Italian Wire-Haired Pointing Dog or Italian Griffon, is a breed of dogs known for hunting. The breed exists since 500 B.C. Its roots are uncertain, but somehow, it managed to halt in Italy. It was originally bred as a gun dog. Nowadays, it became a versatile hunter and a prestigious companion. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
Irish Red and White Setter height=

Irish Red and White Setter

Written By: Published: 2-23-17
The Irish Red and White Setter is a breed of dogs very similar to the Irish Setter. It was developed as a gun dog breed with the purpose of assisting in the hunting of game birds. The breed was near to be extinct at around 1850, but total extinction never happened, due to the efforts of a few dedicated breeders who kept it alive. Nowadays, the breed is used in all kinds of hunting activities, because these dogs have an excellent sense of smell and they are adaptable to any climate and any terrain, including wetlands. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
The Springer Spaniel height=

The Springer Spaniel

Written By: Published: 2-22-17
The Springer Spaniel comes from the same litter as the Cocker Spaniel, but with different skills and a slightly larger body. Whilst the Cockers got their name because they were used for hunting woodcock birds, the Springer got its name because it flushed the pray out, basically scaring it and making it jump out (spring out) of its hiding hole. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...