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The Italian Spinone height=

The Italian Spinone

Written By: Published: 4-26-17
The Italian Spinone, otherwise known as Spinone Italiano, Italian Wire-Haired Pointing Dog or Italian Griffon, is a breed of dogs known for hunting. The breed exists since 500 B.C. Its roots are uncertain, but somehow, it managed to halt in Italy. It was originally bred as a gun dog. Nowadays, it became a versatile hunter and a prestigious companion. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
Canine Cough height=

Canine Cough

Written By: Published: 4-24-17
Sometimes, you may notice that your dog coughs and you don't know if it is something to worry about. As long it happens only now and then, you should not worry. On the other hand, when it happens often, and he cannot seem to be able to stop, you should consider visiting the vet. One of the most common type of canine cough is the kennel cough. This is also known as infectious trachebronchitis and it represents an infection of the upper respiratory system that might have several causes. Most dogs have a bacterium called Bortadella bronchiseptica that causes their cough. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
The Saint Bernard height=

The Saint Bernard

Written By: Published: 4-19-17
The Saint Bernard has a placid, affectionate nature, but because of its massive size and strength requires careful training. Saint Bernards need plenty of space so be sure you can accommodate them. This is not a good apartment dog. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
Fleas and Ticks height=

Fleas and Ticks

Written By: Published: 4-18-17
Fleas and ticks are some of the most dreaded hazards for dog owners. Most dogs are very vulnerable to these nasty critters, especially during the summer season. Virtually every dog will at least once suffer from fleas or other parasites during their lifespan. Dogs need exercise, therefore they must be taken outdoors often. This means that you can?t shelter them entirely from ticks or fleas, because the outside world is their environment. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
Parasitic and Fungal Skin Disorders height=

Parasitic and Fungal Skin Disorders

Written By: Published: 4-11-17
A parasite is any living thing that lives in, on, or with another living thing, known as the host, and that depends on the host for its food and shelter. Some Parasites depend on a host for their entire lives, while others depend on the host only during a part of their life. Many worms are parasites that infect dogs, cats, horses and other animals. Some of these worms may also infect people. Here are a few examples of parasitic worms found in dogs. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
Tick Paralysis height=

Tick Paralysis

Written By: Published: 4-7-17
Tick paralysis is a rapidly progressive motor paralysis caused by a salivary toxin that attacks the nervous system. Certain species of ticks are known to cause tick paralysis. People, especially children, and many other animals may be affected. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
The Toy Group height=

The Toy Group

Written By: Published: 4-6-17
Some groups, such as the hounds, the gundogs and the Terrier group, for instance, are made up of dogs sharing common characteristics. Within each of these groups, therefore, we find dogs with either an inbuilt tendency to hunt or to retrieve to go to earth in pursuit of quarry. The Toy Group also includes dogs that have one overriding characteristic in common. In this case, it is that they are all small, even if the come in a variety of different shapes. For more information about the Toy Group please visit our website at ...Read More...
The Working Group height=

The Working Group

Written By: Published: 4-5-17
The Working Group features breeds that, between them, do a variety of jobs- guarding, carrying loads, or pulling sleds and other vehicles, law enforcement duties and rescue work, for example. Some are bred to carry out more than one task, for more information on the Working Group please visit our website at ...Read More...
The Herding Group height=

The Herding Group

Written By: Published: 3-15-17
The Herding Group was born when man came down from the mountains and began to settle in the fertile lowlands and valleys. He no longer needed the large and often cumbersome dogs to guard them, such as the Great Pyrenean dog. The requirement now was for smaller, faster and more mobile dogs that could keep large flocks together. For more information please visit our website at www.animalshelter ...Read More...
The Non-Sporting Group height=

The Non-Sporting Group

Written By: Published: 3-8-17
The utility, or Non-sporting group includes dogs of many different sizes and shapes which perform a variety of tasks. The group ranges from the large breeds such as the Dalmation and Standard Poodle, to the much smaller breeds like the Boston Terrier. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...