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The Kuvasz height=

The Kuvasz

Written By: Published: 1-20-17
The Kuvasz is a large yet adorable dog, one that is highly intelligent and sometimes described as also having a sense of humor. The roots of its name are Turkish, the meaning being that of “armed guard of the nobility”. Its origins though can be found in Tibet and the current breeding status has been developed in Hungary. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
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The Lowchen

Written By: Published: 1-19-17
The Lowchen (Little Lion Dog) is a small dog that is sometimes considered to be a toy dog, according to some registries. Löwchen means “little lion” in German. It was once considered the rarest breed in the whole world and today it can be said that less than a few hundreds of new registrations are made for this breed each year across the Globe. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
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The Chihuahua Dog Breed

Written By: Published: 1-17-17
Chihuahua is a well-known breed that cannot be really mistaken due to its size and specific body characteristics. Although the origins of this breed are not fully known, it is believed that their ancestors were the Techichi, a breed domesticated by the Toltec civilization (the people that conquered the Mayans). Chihuahua was worshiped, being found in ancient tombs found by archaeologists, along with their owners, obviously mummified together. He was considered a sacred dog, believed to be involved in the passage of souls in the afterlife. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
Cat Food Treats height=

Cat Food Treats

Written By: Published: 12-9-16
Cooking tasty treats for your kitty is far healthier, safer and cost effective than buying commercial ones. It will offer a cat everything its body needs, and your mind will be at ease knowing that your cat has a healthy diet. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
Skin Infections in Dogs height=

Skin Infections in Dogs

Written By: Published: 12-2-16
Occasionally, dogs may be bothered by itchy ears and paws, which may be a sign of skin infections – yeast related or bacterial. Sometimes, dog owners take these infections for allergies and choose the wrong treatment plan. This is why consulting a veterinarian is essential, every time your furry friend manifests such symptoms. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
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Bird Care Tips

Written By: Published: 12-1-16
Birds are great pets, lovely and entertaining, that allow their owners to get on with their lives, without requiring all their time and attention. However, this convenience doesn`t imply that birds do not need care. They are not decorations; they are feeling beings, having their own particular needs, even if they do not need us to devote all our time to them ...Read More...
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Dental Care for Dogs

Written By: Published: 11-29-16
A dog’s teeth are as sensitive as ours and they need the same amount of protection and attention. But you cannot just take your furry buddy to the family’s dentist, but rather to the veterinarian for their dental care. For more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
Chronic Renal Failure Diet height=

Chronic Renal Failure Diet

Written By: Published: 11-28-16
Having a pet with a chronic kidney disease is difficult. Only the idea of your pet having a chronic disease is quite disturbing. It means that your pet cannot be cured and will have to endure this disease for as long as it lives.Chronical renal failure is a condition for which the cause is often unknown. This is an irreversible loss of the kidney functions that usually occurs in old cats and dogs, but not only. Unfortunately, by the time your pet gets to show symptoms, it means there is no cure anymore ...Read More...
Dandie Dinmont Terrier height=

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Written By: Published: 11-17-16
If you would like to adopt a small dog with a big dog attitude, then the Dandie Dinmont Terrier might be the best choice for you. In case you are wondering where the breed gets its name from, you should learn about Dandie Dinmont, the funny character of Sir Walter Scott’s novel Guy Mannering, a farmer who owned six wonderful Dandie dogs, and who, in real life, was known as James Davidson, the father of the breed for more information please visit our website at ...Read More...
Dog Paws height=

Dog Paws

Written By: Published: 11-16-16
They dig, scratch and occasionally chew them. Dogs are really active and can sometimes injure themselves. The most common problems that dogs are confronted with are paw problems. We are talking about cracked pads, cuts, tears and even perpetual chewing, for more information please visit our website at ...Read More...