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Siamese Rescue Alliance - Texas Rescue Center

coppell Animal Shelter

P.O. Box 3088
coppell, Texas 75019
Phone: 866-639-6369
Fax: 940-498-1771
Hello Folks! Welcome to our Siamese Rescue Alliance Page. We are very Meezer-friendly here in Texas and everywhere there are fur babies in need! Siamese Rescue Alliance is a "doing business as" name for the North Texas Siamese Rescue Org. Inc., an IRS Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, along with its affiliated branches (Austin Siamese Rescue, Houston Siamese Rescue and soon Abilene Siamese Rescue!) and foster parents, veterinarians and volunteers. So actually we are a collection of Meezer-loving places, utilizing many warm wonderful foster homes in the areas we support. As of Dec 31, 2005 there were 49 active foster homes, housing 440 Meezers and Meezer Mixes; by June 30th, 2006 353 were available, 23 pending were waiting for transport home, and 13 special kitties were in the system. We also had 150 on hold, mostly from Houston, waiting for pictures so they could be marketed! Wow! A whopping 539 Cats in our Program! What a commitment!

We will also rescue any lifetime companion and support Meezer and non-Meezer kittens born to any mommy cat in our program! We take our mission very seriously here - to rescue, treat, rehab, house, care, place, transport and follow our Meezers and Mixes. We have a Lifetime Commitment to our kitties and when we rescue them, we follow them for their lives. We are there. if you need us at any time.

We now have placed kitties in 49 of the 50 states, including Anchorage, Alaska! We have placed kitties in Santiago, Chile, Vienna Austria, Brussels Belgium. Glasgow in Scotland, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Victoria on Vancouver Island BC, Calgary, and in Inuvik north of the Arctic Circle. We have placed kitties in a lot of wonderful homes wherever they are and of course in our own backyard! We rescue predominantly from available Texas Kitties, however sometimes it is necessary to help out a closing breeder, or clean up a failed rescue, or to close down a collector. So we have rescued kitties from Montreal P.Q., from Nebraska, and from Nacogdoches and as far as we need and can afford to go in these special circumstances.

We also rescue a limited number of special kitties, such as FIV positive, deformed, blind and deaf kitties. We will try to help FELV positive kitties find a home or sanctuary although we cannot take them in our facilities. We take an even more limited number of semi-socials or nearly ferals each year - approximately 1 per quarter, as we may work with these kitties not for months but for years. Ultimately, they are homed! 4 went home 1st quarter 2005! By end of year, 11 had been placed! They are home!

Our current staff is all volunteer, and includes 17 Petters with regular schedules at the Texas Center. Petter is an important position as they socialize our kittens and cats and spot illness and needs often before we do - like needing ears cleaned or claws clipped. Remember we have more than 90 all the time and more than 120 from April to October. There are a lot of wonderful fur faces here to love and care for regularly!

We have 13 Volunteers that perform everything from the 3 for Kennel Services, the 2 Vet Techs and one Vet Assistant that come on regular schedules, like 5-6:30 AM before they report to work. We also have incredible Volunteers that transport either by air or surface. Each week we operate a shuttle transport between Austin and the Ranch in the DFW area. Austin gathers up incoming kitties from Houston, San Antonio, and of course Austin - they bring them to us - and we in turn send them kitties destined for Austin area based adopters or fosters. They also go to NM, P.Q., even the UK should the need arise!

Many of the states and provinces we work with have established their own local organizations and someday will build their own shelters. After a locality takes control of its fund raising and veterinary expenses, they are eligible to apply to Virginia for Center Status. This requires a Corporation, that they be a qualified 501 c3 organization in the eyes of the IRS, AND approval from the other Centers that share this page. It is a status to be earned and then retained through diligent attention to process and procedure. Our goals for 2006-2007 still include the promise to help others understand what it takes to rescue, provide adequate care and treatment, arrange and execute transportation to place a kitty for adoption in an approved home. Being part of the original Siamese Rescue Alliance gave us a jump start as we were able to absorb existing policies and procedures and emulate their program. In Texas we believe in the saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", so we listened and learned from our partner, Siri, in Virginia.

In January, 1999 we transported 6 kitties for Siri's Virginia Shelter, and then came Sam/Cupid, just in time for Valentine's Day. We will never get the memory of that Austin, TX shelter, or the stench, out of our minds and hearts. After that, as they say, it's history. We rescued 513 by the end of 1999, and 723 more at end of 2000; 636 in 2001; 592 in 2002; 587 in 2003; and 704 in 2004, 890 in 2005 . We have just recently seen our 5,000th rescue, and have to say ' Thank You' to all the folks that have made this possible!

Our most important goal for 2003 was to buy the Meezer Ranch. That miracle came to pass thanks to a loan from an Adopter in New York. Now we are working to raise funds for the spay/neuter clinic and the Retirement Home. So our most important goal for 2006/2007 is to refinance our property, take out our benefactor, and erect our Retirement Home and sculpt our Clinic! We moved to the property site on December 1st, 2000 - and are occupying the exisiting log home now. It has provided us facilities to house up to 155 Meezers and kittens thanks to internal remodeling. In 1999, we focused on helping VA raise funds for their facility; in 2000 we focused on getting the word out to other Volunteers and starting local rescues in other states. 2001 was dedicated to getting a handle on the finances and trying to eradicate old inherited debts. We have now established a permanent facility in Texas, hopefully the first of several. While long range plans include Retirement Homes and Centers, in Austin, Houston, and other sites, we know this will take time and planning and fund raising!. Now we are raising money for the infrastructure costs including renovations and improvements! Things like a second HVAC system and such! The biggest help of all is your donation!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about our dedicated volunteers and our goals. We wish you could meet every one of our wonderful foster parents and volunteers without whom our system would collapse! We hope you will want to rescue a Meezer or a Mix and if you don't find your dream cat on our pages, please look at cats at the other Siamese Rescue Centers!

We are genuinely delighted you care enough to rescue a cat or a kitten from anywhere! Have a Meowy New Millennium! Tonja, Nicole, Joe, John, Stacey, Bob, Craig, Lauren, Jackie, Mary Jane, Erin & David, Ariana, Alissa, Keren, Ericka, Frances, Jennifer, Amanda, George & Crystal (transporters extraordinaire), Candy, ; in Austin Carol, Liz and Aimee and Melissa and many many more; in Houston Susan, Edna, Debbie,Brenda and more; and all the part timers too!

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