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Sanctuary for Unwanted Animals and Care

brookshire Animal Shelter

1936 Peach Ridge Road
brookshire, Texas 77423
Phone: 281-375-7787
Sanctuary For Unwanted Animals and Care is a (501:3c) nonprofit organization animal shelter located in Brookshire, Texas, west of Houston. Sanctuary For Unwanted Animals and Care takes in, cares for, and adopts out as many homeless animals as funds are available for. This is a no-kill shelter except under circumstances such as suffering or extreme medical care.

Our Sanctuary suffered a tragic loss when our home, cattery, and dog room went up in flames on Dec.12, 2002 at 12:30 am. This fire at first was thought to be arson then later determined to be an electrical fire caused by a nail through one of the electrical wires. We were awakened by the smoke detectors and escaped through the window of the downstairs bedroom. We went around to the cattery, which was attached to the home and opened the door to let the cats escape, then went in through the back door to try and get the animals out of the house. We were successful in getting out Amy and Dillon, which are on the “oldsters page”. They were completely unharmed, I called as long as I could for the others and they never came and were killed in the fire. In the house and lost to the fire were our personal cats that had been sleeping with us Spirit (a.k.a. Dorka), Squint, Moe, and the three dogs Chico, Blanca, and Chupa who were in the living room. Upstairs we had a cat that was called B.K. for Burn Kitty which was a double tragedy as he had just recovered after almost four months of treatment for burns to his face and neck inflicted by someone who had tortured him. Also there were two other cats that were separated out of the cattery because of upper respiratory disease. We do not know how many cats exactly were lost from the cattery but it is close to thirty with approximately 20 that were feral cats that had been trapped, spayed and neutered through the F-Cap program. We had just started releasing them at the sanctuary. The dog room had 11 dogs in it. They were crated either for crate training or medical problems. One of these survived by escaping her crate and going over the fence. She was not seriously burned but was singed in places. Lost in the dog room were Thumper (my personal dog of 11 yrs), Milwaukee, Frank, Barney, Fred, Jinx, Chocolate, Mikey, Onyx, and Lance.

We have 4 cats at the vet that are badly burned along with some here. Left are the dogs that were in the dog pens, a carport, and our barn. We are rebuilding and now have a travel trailer on property and the carport/feed room is becoming an administration building. The slab that the home and cattery was on is determined fit to build kennels on and we have already got that cleaned off. We will be building four small catteries with outside enclosures.

We have had a tremendous amount of support from the rescue community, vets, neighbors and good Samaritans. We are very grateful for all the help we received.

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