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Passion Horse DFW Canine Equine Rescue

Joshua Animal Shelter

9304 Montana Street
Joshua, Texas 76058
Phone: 817-372-0047
DFW Canine Equine Rescue Passion Horse Ranch is a not for profit 501c3 group dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating dogs and horses that have been neglected, abandoned or in need of help! We are run completely by the love and hard work of our volunteers sponsors! When a horse comes to Passion Horse they are set on a special course to recovery. Each horse, for the first month especially, is placed on a special diet and very spoiled. We love each and every horse that comes to us and our efforts are tireless. Once the horse has recovered sufficiently we place them out with the herd one at a time. Our belief is that it is best to have a horse live as natural a life as possible. We have them spend very little time in a stall. They are out in pasture grazing and interacting with there new friends. When we feel like the horses are ready we place them up for adoption in hopes of finding them a great new family! Passion Horse Ranch is dedicated to each and every horse we rescue.

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