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Ozark Haven Rescue, LLC a Not for Profit Organization

Cabool Animal Shelter

PO Box 383
Cabool, Missouri 65689
Ozark Haven is a 5013c recognized, Limited Liability Corporation, MO State Lisc. Animal Rescue. We have our paws in many projects for Southern Missouri Dogs. In addition to our Foster Care Program for homeless dogs to seek adoption into forever homes, our sister site www.petfinder.com/shelters/MO207.html is our Safety Forum. This site features dogs in our communities. These dogs are not in foster care but remain in their original situation. Ozark Haven is part of a huge network and often the dogs in the Safety Forum are seen by other rescues and find safety. In our continued work with CARE, a Not for Profit Homeless Dog Transport we can offer SO MO dogs a chance to reach populations where they arent as common and have better adoption potential. Dogs that live rurally in the forest communities of Southern Missouri dont have municipalities or other agencies to help them. They often burden the hillsides and face horrible violent fates. Our Safety Forum provides those dogs fair and equal web exposure to find safe screened options for life!! Our Dominicks Honor program addresses the deadly practice of tethering. People will tie anything around a dogs neck. Our local rural administrations are not concerned with the deadly act of tethering. As a charity we cannot lobby but we sure can offer light weight harnesses and cables to improve the life of dogs that are tethered. While sharing the gift of painless tethering, we always offer our Safety Forum services in hopes of moving these dogs to a home with appropriate care practices. Our Littering the Ozarks Program has been a successful one, we plan to build on this in the New Year. We will offer screened placement of unwanted litters in the community if the owners of the mother will consent to allow us to spay her. This program has been well received in our communities and is a targeted program for growth in 08. And finally, our Feral Dog Project MO. Feral dogs are a symptom of "dumping". Abandonment plaques our communities. With limited options for unwanted pets, dumping on a country road is common place. The survivors of these dumpings often find disease, starvation, conficts with wildlife and violent deaths are their only reward. The strongest survivors may be a natural enemy to fielded livestock, chickens or local small game such as rabbits and squirrels, at which time they become hunted themselves. They threat our farmers and burden our food chain. Feral Dog Project MO supports the use of humane trapping, rehabbing and placement of these dogs. In the future we hope to build a compound for feral dogs that will not make human companions. Here they could continue to live "wild" but with safety and care. These would be the exception as many is the time these lost terrified souls make wonderful pets!!

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