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New Leash on Life!

somerset Animal Shelter

P.O. Box 555
somerset, Texas 78069
Phone: 210-410-7334
'New Leash on Life!' American Eskimo Dog Rescue is an all volunteer "no kill", soon to be 501(c)(3), non-profit private rescue organization based in Poteet, Texas, which is located south of San Antonio. At 'New Leash on Life!', we are dedicated to the American Eskimo Dog...often more frequently called "Eskies" or "Spitz". American Eskimo dogs are lovingly nicknamed ?Eskies? for short by their owners. According to AKC regulations, Eskies will only have white or cream/bisque colored coats and come in three sizes...the standard (15"-19" - at shoulder), the miniature (12"-15"), and the toy (9"-12"). The name "Spitz" is only a description of a "group of breeds with similar characteristics", NOT the actual the breed of dog. (It is about like people calling a "Beagle"... a "Hound" ;) Some of the other breeds included in the Spitz group are the German Wolfspitz, Zwergspitz, or Dwarf Spitz, Keeshonden Finnish Spitz, and Pomeranians. All of these can be white, black, brown, wolfgray and orange or golden in color.

Although, we specialize in the breed American Eskimo dogs, we have had an influx of mix-breed dogs that have needed help so we have answered to that need! We have many abandoned mix-breed dogs in our rescue and other rescues that are in need of homes. All of our rescues are basic obedience trained and treated as family members until we can find them the perfect "forever" home like yours! If you can't find the perfect dog here...email us and we will try to help you find your special little "furry friend"...even if it is in another rescue!

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