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New Leash On Life

woodland hills Animal Shelter

P.O. Box 706
woodland hills, California 91365
Phone: 818-710-9898
Fax: 818-887-5610
Website: www.nlol.org/
For the past eight years, New Leash On Life has devoted itself to the rescue and rehabilitation of our companion animals. We have succeeded where others have not, and it has not been easy. We have had many road blocks and still struggle to keep the support from our loyal donors. But every year we come out on top, the faces of the animals we have rescued and placed is proof of our hard work. The next phase of New Leash On Life has been a dream of ours since its inception in 1997. The Lend A Paw program, bridging the gap between human and animal, providing assistance to not only homeless animals but the human in need, is a life long dream of Bobby’s.

There are animal assistance programs that provide Service dogs to the physically disabled, but the waiting list if over 5 years long and the demographic New Leash On Life is focusing on is not even eligible for a service dog. This is where Lend A Paw comes in. This program is designed to rescue dogs from the shelter and train them to be companion assistance dogs for those that do not qualify for service dogs... for children with Autism, for people with disabilities such as Multiple Sclerosis, phobias, paralysis, and Cerebral Palsy to just name a few.

Lend a Paw will continue education and facilitation of animal rescue, provide a comprehensive program utilizing rescued animals in one-on-one and group therapeutic settings and permanently place these animals with people and families in need.

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