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Montgomery County Animal Control

troy Animal Shelter

111 W. Main Street
troy, North Carolina 27371
Until the late 1970's, animal control functions in Montgomery County were handled by the Department of Environmental Protection. It was soon recognized that the citizens and animals of the County would be better served by an agency dedicated solely to animal control and humane issues. On December 31, 1979, the Department of Animal Control and Humane Treatment (DACHT) came into being. At that time, the Department had 17 full-time employees, including eight Animal Control Officers. The Department was established to investigate complaints about animal cruelty and to protect the public from dangerous and nuisance animals. The Department also provided rabies control, and the licensing and inspection of animal-related business facilities such as pet shops and riding stables. The Department was also given the responsibility to provide safe, humane care for homeless or lost pets at the County animal shelter. The animal shelter had previously been operated by the Montgomery County Humane Society, Inc. under a contract with the County. The new Department continued to contract with the Humane Society for shelter operations. Shortly after DACHT was established, the rabies epizootic in raccoons that still exists in Montgomery County began. The Department's responsibilities multiplied rapidly as health and animal control officials worked together to control the spread of rabies. As part of the County's rabies control efforts, rabies handling procedures were revised and updated, and both cats and dogs were required to have a current rabies vaccination and County license. During the 1980's and 1990's, the Department's responsibilities continued to grow. Rabies control continued to be an important function. Calls for service from the public continued to climb as the County population topped the 800,000 mark. In Fiscal Year 1996, County Executive Douglas Duncan proposed abolishing Animal Control as an independent Department, and moving its functions into a new Division of the Montgomery County Police Department. On February 22, 1996, the County Council approved this proposal, and the Police Department's Animal Services Division came into being.

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