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Habitat for Horses

haslet Animal Shelter

P.O. Box 627
haslet, Texas 76052
Phone: 817-439-0412
Habitat for Horses is dedicated to changing the lives of horses and humans. Our goal is to create a world where horses are respected for their intrinsic value and for their ability to help us fulfill our emotional, behavioral and spiritual needs.

We provide equine rescue services to law enforcement agencies, an active equine adoption program, an equine education center and equine-assisted services to youths and adults.

We also welcome volunteers in donating their time and efforts at Habitat for Horses. What we do not do is rent horses, provide horses for rodeos, sell horses, offer horse rides nor have mares for breeding.

Established nonprofit rescue organizations in the United States involve many dedicated people. The challenge of an effective rescue, often under adverse conditions and with the help of law enforcement, is successful only because the equine rescue organizations involved see the neglect, abuse and possible death of a horse as being totally against our beliefs. While the challenge of educating an abuser is important, we see the obligation of saving the horse as an immediate need. Once the horse is safe, the problems behind the abuse can be handled. Educating the horse owner is important, something we had much rather do than to seize the horse, but our first committment is to the welfare of the horse. We offer no apologies for our love of horses and we actively seek to find a solution to the economic and social reasoning behind the neglect, abuse and slaughter.

The bottom line is this: the life of a horse is greater than the need for a dollar. Education, commitment and understanding can make the challenge of horse ownership achievable, while the reward to all those involved is far beyond what words can describe.

Please join us as we ride the wave into a whole new experience in the horse world by proving that horses can have a dynamic, positive effect on the lives of people!

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